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God said:

You have ideas about love. Love doesn’t need your ideas. Love cannot be reduced to your descriptions of it. What occurs on the surface of life is extraneous to love. Of course, you thought that surface expression was what love was about. But, whatever goes on with love on the surface of life is but an inkling.

There is no decline to love. There is no upsurge. But that is how you watch love. You watch for it to go up and down, or down and up. You watch for love to commit an error, as if love could be anything but love. Strike the idea that love can ever be in error. Strike the idea that love can ever be absent. Strike the idea that love can ever be anything but whole.

Ups and downs of love are your appraisal. Love is the same independent of any ideas or charts you keep of it. Love is not a temperature you take. Love is infallible.

You make too much of love on Earth at the same time as you make not enough of it. But what you make of love has nothing to do with it. Love exists without your commentary. Your greatest experiences of love are but a smidgeon of awareness of love. We come back to your awareness, time and time again.

Perhaps your awareness is more on how you feel another perceives your giving of love than it is on your giving love itself. Never mind perception. Give love. Love is never to be withheld, but attachment is. Often have you mixed up love with attachment, but you are learning nevertheless.

Love holds not at all. Love is not grasping. Love lets go of anchors. It needs none. Love is as free as a bird. Set love free every day. Open the windows of your heart to let love out. Your concern is not what amount of love flies in the window. Your concern is the outflow. But, of course, that is no concern at all. When love flies out the window, that does not mean it’s gone. If you must measure immeasurable love, then measure the outflow. If it is not enough, open the valves of your heart wider.

Of course, love is uncountable. You may also think that there is no accounting for love. What there is no accounting for is the perceived absence of love. I opened the floodgates of love in the universe, and they have never been closed.

Are there those who would block it? Yes. But that is not your concern. If concern you must, yours is to keep the nonexistent gates of love open. Keep your hearts open, beloveds. Let the drum-beats of love roll.

Love is not an exertion. It takes no effort at all to love. Effort has blocked love, or it has forced it out. Effort has forced that which needs no forcing.

Often you have looked over your shoulder at love and wanted to track its repercussions. You have been afraid of being thought a fool. But is it not the height of foolishness to snub the love in your heart? Remember, I do not speak of show of love here. I do not speak of gifts or avowal. I speak of love itself. Love needs no declaration. It needs no bended knee. It simply needs to be allowed. Let the love in your heart flow. One example of love creates great cheering in Heaven. And is not love the cheer you give to the world?

Even if the world didn’t need upliftment, you would still emanate love. You would emanate it more because you would know that love alone is and that there is nothing else to do while you are here on Earth but love. Now emanate love, for that is why I have chosen you and what you have to do.

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