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God said:

You live in a tent called your body. You move your tent around a lot. You carry the tent; the tent doesn’t carry you. You are the carrier of the tent. The tent is at your beck and call.

I understand that you have felt otherwise. You have oft-times felt that this temporary tent holds you in its thrall. So often you have thought you are the servant of your body, as if your body were the be-all of you. You have even wound up slave to your body. You, your thoughts, your actions in truth suborn your body. Know now that you are in charge of your body, not the other way around.

Have an easygoing relationship with your body. You are encased in it. The body is all around you, and yet it is but a sheath. You can touch your body. You can see it. You can move and motivate it. You are somewhere within that body. You sleep in it. You move in it. And yet you are not its prisoner. You have a heart, and you have a mind. You are far from limited to the shell of a body you spend time in. It is only a body, beloveds. Without you, it is nothing.

And this realization everyone comes to.

You feel tremendously the loss of bodies when they are not a loss at all. A body is like an envelope that you eventually throw out. You exit the body. You step out of it. It is a tent you leave behind. It cannot go with you forever. You are forever. Your body is not. It is a throwaway thing. Must you become so attached to the body that you think you are nothing without it?

The body is nothing without you. Know your supremacy. Be kind to your body as you would be kind to a servant. As kind as you are, you would not put a servant on your throne. Your servant of a body is only a token prop for you.

Your throne is made of gold, and dulcimers play music while you sit there and while you get up. The tent you live in is placed in the Universe. We could say that the whole Universe is your throne. You are not queen for a day, or for a lifetime. You are queen or king forever. I share My throne with you. I share My Universe with you, and you share your worldly life with Me, day by day. You feel you are on the periphery of the Universe when, in truth, you are the whole Universe. You can conceptualize the whole Universe because it is contained within you.

I know that you have felt like a wanderer in the Universe, perhaps even an outcast, as if you had been evicted from the Kingdom, even this Kingdom that you hardly dare believe in. Never were you evicted. Never have you left Heaven. This is hard to believe, I know, yet, nevertheless, you are just as present with Me and all the galaxies and stars and My dreams as you are settled in your body right now. And, yet, I must iterate, that you are not within your body. You are not even within the world. You are not within the whole Universe, nor are you within Heaven. All is contained within you. You hold it all in the palm of your hand, so to speak. You are the within and you are the without. There is no outer. There is only you.

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