The Tide of Love, Part I | Heavenletters

God said:

My love seems obscure to you because it is everywhere.

You do not see air, but you breathe it.

You do not see air, but you see it wave the leaves of trees and the buoyancy of clouds in a sky made of air. Air is a manifestation of My love, as are the trees and the intimate clouds.

But I am much more than air. I am much more than a breeze. I am much more than what you breathe. I am not passive, and I am not confrontation.

I am the Neutralness of Love.

I am Love dispatched on the clear winds of joy.

I breathe you.

I breathe My breath into you, and you are My breath. You are the breath of My Being. You are My bread upon the waters. Yet you do not escape me. The waves knead you, and I knead you. My love massages you, and My wondrousness is multiplied.

You seek My understanding of you, and I seek your understanding of yourself.

But what is there to understand about love?

It is the waves of the ocean.

It is the stillness of the sea.

It is the energy of life, and you are the energy of life.

And your soul is your acquaintanceship with life.

Life is not what you think.

It is not a puzzle to figure out.

It is an ocean to swim in.

It is a tub of water.

It is a drop of dew extended from the air.

Life does not begin and end.

Life is perpetual. It rolls on a field of eternity.

You may dip in and out of the sheaves of grass, or the waves of the water, but you are never out of life.

Death is a grand illusion. There is no death. There is Beingness.

So long as I live, and I assure you I am Eternity Itself, you have life. Life is not one-dimensioned, though it is One with Me.

You exist in My heart.

The illusion that is called your body roams.

Your soul of Truth goes with it. Your soul encapsulated in a body of water, your body an ocean unto itself.

The tide of love pulls you. Where can it pull you but to Me?

And look what your resistance does? It blinds you. You are blind with resistance to My love. You are not blind to anger or defeat, but you are blind to My love. The love We speak of is not an emotion. It is the truth of existence itself.

Only love could have created you. Nothing else. And you resist what created you.

You are My love extended, and it is extended to you, and you are also the Extender of it, this, My love. That is the circle, and it is complete. You are the circle. You are love from love to love, nothing but love. All else is misdemeanor. Un-demean yourself.

You are the Ugly Duckling who was actually a swan.

Ugly Duckling was a name put on a loveliness that surpassed the understanding of those around it, so there was misunderstanding, and the little swan did not know who he was. There was misunderstanding until the light dawned. Another swan informed the Ugly Duckling of his true stature. When the Ugly Duckling became aware, the duck population became aware as well, but the key was with the Ugly Duckling himself.

I light the dawn, and you rise from the ashes of misunderstanding, not as a swan, but as a Human being with the whiteness of the swan. And the agility. And the regalness.

Now let’s add a layer to your understanding. There is nothing wrong with ducks. They are beautiful. Swans are not better. Ducks and swans are symbols of My love, as you are a symbol of My love. There is nothing else you can be. Aspire to My love, and you will float in it, and you will establish it on earth, and My love will be known like the light that it is, like a white Swan smooth on the water, or like a yellow duck paddling in a pond.

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