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God said:

You will do well to stop thinking of yourself as in need. You are in need of one thing only, and that is awareness. There is nothing else you need, for all has been given to you. Awake your awareness, and then you know who you are and what you encompass.

My children have had the habit of pointing at what they don’t see and declaring it as their need, as if I overlooked one of you when I dispersed the contents of the earth. It is you who has overlooked what is in front of you, and, at the same time, looked not far enough.

You have one need, and that is awareness. When you awaken yourself to Me, then you are awake to yourself. Awareness is of Me. Awareness is looking into My eyes and seeing yourself there. You have been aware of almost everything else. You certainly have been aware of the troubles of the world and possible pitfalls before you. You have even dug up the pitfalls to make sure they are there so you can fall into them.

You think you look for solid earth, but density is not solid. All is light. And nothing is beneath your feet. All lies elsewhere. You are not locked into where your feet plant themselves. You locate yourself in a rotating universe, and you are upside-down or right-side up, but there is only up in a continuing circle. There is actually no up and no down, for space is nonexistent. You do not take up space, nor do you take up time, because time also is not.

But you are. Look not to your environment to know who you are.

There are no ceilings. There are no roofs. There is no ground.

Have awareness of eternity and your place in it.

What if you are eternity itself?

What if you are timeless?

What is it you occupy?

My heart.

That is your residence, and that is your occupation.

You exist in Me.

We are a union. Of spirit. Of love. Of energy. Energy is not the physical you think of. It is light. We are an energy of light and of love. You are the rays of love that radiate from My heart. Be My rays of love, and light the unenlightened. Radiate a spark that ignites them to Me.

Have Me in your awareness, and point Me out so that there may be Unity in life of the earth. Unity is all lights lit.

If there is no space and no time, where am I?

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