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God said:

All your thoughts, all your words, all your dreams – while you are thinking them — you are creating them before your very eyes. Everything is what it is, and everything is more than what it may seem to be. You may stay still, yet you seem to move along. You may be wise to the world at the same time as you are without a clue, My Dear Ones.

Words make pictures. Words, whether spoken or not, are also vibrations. To say: Lie down in green pastures means more than the words themselves. There is a form, yet there is that from which a form is made. A form can assemble or dissemble. There is meaning greater regardless whether you catch on or not.

Songs are songs, yet a lullaby is not a march. Music is music, yet a harp and gongs playing the same notes are yet far apart in the paths they take. It can be said that music and you elope.

Even a made-up nonsense name has an effect. Every single word you speak or every single thought you think conjures up something somewhere. Hello! Every word, thought, action produces an effect that goes around the world.

Distinguished one from another or not — and never extinguished — words pass themselves on. Passages are passages. You may not hear the teletype tap-tapping, yet it tap-taps.

After the Sun goes down in the west, you don’t see the Sun any longer, and surely the Sun exists even when unseen. What you see and what you don’t see surely affect you. What you know and what you don’t know make a difference. Everything makes a difference, yet it can also be said, there’s no difference at all.

You can be a recluse. Still you are affected by everyone and everything around you and afar in the world. You don’t have to attest to being affected in order to be affected.

Consciously, everything that rebounds may or may not match up. You may get away with everything, yet there is somewhere awareness of even that which you seemingly are not aware. You favor thick ground, yet you may skate on thin ice.

Everything is known somewhere or another.

Life goes by the Speed of Light. This is another way to say that as well: “This moment is all you’ve got.”

Life is a flashing light. Flash, observed, gone. Flash, observed, gone. A shot in the dark and then another.

And, yet, in Infinity, you are insoluble in floating waters. You are immersed in the waters, yet you are not submerged. You skitter on the surface of Life even as you are deep within Me. You live in a Deep Tank at the same fictitious time you are the Essence of Me, more than the Essence, the Sole Factor of Me seeming to have conniptions in Life as Life jumps around and doesn’t give an accounting of itself. You are let off as free as a scouting plane that flies loop-the-loop and never lands in the make-believe world. You really exist out of this world. You never really landed in it. You assumed Life as you have assumed it to be.

Your Life was always a ghost story. Nothing existed. You had a dream. You have been living in two dreams. You watched two screens in which you sink and swim and dive in and out of a Life imagined. Whatever your Life is, it is more. It is greater.

You are greater, even as you are everything and nothing at all.

As One, We signify everything all at once.

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