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God said:

You conceive obstacles. Certainly, you bump into them, yet, if you didn’t have the concept of obstacles, would they exist? Potholes might exist, but, then, would they be obstacles? Yet, when a pothole would loom before you, you may well say: “Oh, no, an obstacle in my path. What an annoyance.”

We have spoken plenty about letting go of the past. Today We will talk of another kind of letting go. Now We will speak of letting go of the future, or even the present. I ask you to let go of the idea that something has to be a certain way you conceive it.

Naturally, you want your path to be smooth. Then acknowledge smoothness rather than roughness. Perhaps you thought you could get where you want in one day, and it takes you seven days to get where you want, does that have to be a problem? Do you have to aggravate for what you see as a six-day delay?

If you thought you were going to have one day at the beach, and somehow it turned out that you had seven days, you would consider that a windfall.

Once again, it is revealed that obstacles are a state of mind, not a reality. Obstacles exist, yet they exist as you say so. Cannot life be okay whatever it looks like?

What if the world considered delays a wonderful thing? What if you were congratulated for taking longer than you thought you would? What if the last one to come in from a race was considered a winner? You might feel that the world had turned topsy-turvy. Yet, isn’t it time that life in the world changed its presumptions and did turn itself upside down?

Give Me one good reason why everything is to stay the same, or everything or anything is to go by your prediction or predilection. Life is not a foregone conclusion. Life is how it turns out. If you would like life to go smoothly, then get out of the way of it. Don’t you be an obstacle. Don’t you object.

Work is often considered a drag. What if work were looked at as the privilege that it is? What if you looked at your job as a privilege? What if you looked at your life altogether as a privilege? Would the world not change? Would not your world change?

What made the unfortunate Cinderella who lived in the ashes become a Princess? The Prince saw her for what she was and not what her stepmother had designated her to be. You may say that Cinderella had the advantage of a Fairy Godmother to dress her up to look like a princess. What if Cinderella’s thoughts were her Fairy Godmother? What if your thoughts were your Fairy Godmother and revealed the truth of you? Would not your mice thoughts turn into coachmen?

The Prince did not preclude Cinderella from becoming the Princess she truly was. He let go of world thoughts. After he had danced with Cinderella, he did not have a list of what he required in his future bride. His one requirement was that the glass shoe fit. It could be said that the prince was not being too fussy. He simply wanted the real Cinderella.

How fussy are you? How accepting or rejecting are you? The stepmother and her two daughters were rigorous about what life had to be. They even cut their feet to make them fit, but, of course, to no avail.

Both Cinderella and the Prince let go. Cinderella let go of the ashes, and the Prince let go of protocol and convention. What will you let go of?

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