Stars | Heavenletters

God said:

Every day is auspicious. Everything is in place. The planets are lined up in a perfect configuration. You are on the brink of discovery. You are at the peak of a mountain, and you look at the vast terrain. Where do you place your foot? On what do you get a foothold? Where do you begin your ascent into the world?

You are taking off today. You take a flight. You are soaring. Your arms reach up. You catch a butterfly. You catch it in your heart. It flies free, and you follow. You carry a net with holes in it. This is your seeming situation. You fly through the universe, and you catch nothing. You fly with everything.

You ascend. You tip a wing at the stars. The stars become your eyes. You have been bound for the stars all your life. The stars have no points. Their light is soft and palpable.

There is you. You are the stars. The stars grab you as your heart nabbed the butterfly. The light of the stars holds you high. Starlight propels you further.

You are on the mountain peak of life again. You have surrendered to take off’s and landings, even though you are aware that you have never moved. The stars came to you! You made the stars. You created them. And you and the stars are spun-gold.

What you may consider unfounded knowledge is pure awareness. All that you have wondered and imagined about the cosmos is true. It is not a flight of fancy you have been on. It is a flight of the heart seeking to reclaim itself.

This is not your maiden voyage. You have grasped the innermost secrets of the universe before. You wrote them! You wrote the universe with a song in your heart. You are recapturing the song now. You are recapturing it from memory. You are catching on. You have pursued a fallen star. You flung it far so that it might return to your awareness.

You are a discus-thrower. You are a mighty being of light succoring the universe. You hold it in your hand. You rotate it on your finger-tips. It has a spinning that doesn’t cease. You spin a story. You are a kaleidoscope that turns itself and is amazed at what it sees.

You think you are somewhere when all the while, there is nowhere at all. You are the heart of the universe, for you have stolen My heart. I am the God of you. You have traveled with Me everywhere and nowhere.

You stole a golden thread of My heart. You tugged on it, and it became yours. It was ever yours because I had bequeathed it to you. You held it to you, fearing that it might not be rightfully yours. Truly, all the light in the universe is yours. If it is Mine, it is yours. That’s how it is. You have been My thought flung to a seeming Earth.

You are the discoverer of all that you have always known. You turn pages rapidly. You choose a tree. You pick a leaf of the tree. You pick a flower. You put it in your lapel. You disperse the flower seeds. You create the wind and the seas. Everything fits in perfectly. You fit in perfectly — only you speculate on this.

The flower seeds come from the cusp of your heart. Every light of thought appears as a star. There is no twilight. There is only light. There is no dawn and there is no setting. All is light. All is light from your eyes. All is a reflection of the original light which you carry still.

You are My light, beloveds, on Earth as it is in Heaven. You are My light transference. Behold My light in you. Behold My light in every one, in everything. Behold.