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God said:

Right now I pour a treasure into your lap. Unceasingly, I pour down treasure from Heaven, aimed at you. Avail, beloved. Avail. All the coins from Heaven are yours to pick up. This is your lucky day. Yesterday was also.

The sun shines. Birds sing. There is a blanket of love in the world. The world is a hammock of love for you to lie in. Rock and receive the sweet delicacies I serve you. Pop them into your mouth.

Think about the sweet food I have prepared for you. Let your mouth water for it. Taste it. Absorb it. Absorb it even before it physically reaches you. Absorb My love that comes along with the fare. My love precedes the food as well. My love is the tray it comes on, and My love is the food, and My love is the aroma. Let the aroma reach you now. Be sensitive to love and nothing else.

Love is My gift to you. It comes in many forms, yet there is One Love, and it is perpetuated upon Earth. And it is yours free for the asking. It is yours free whether you ask for it or not.

Heaven is not a bakery that you stand outside looking through the window. You may like that sweet torture, but you can come into this bakery at any moment. You can come in right now. There is no waiting line. You don’t have to wait for a number. You can come inside and pick out all the chocolate-covered cherries you like. Come right in. This is My office. This is where the candy is made. And this is where it is given away. And this is where I abide, and this is where all the sweetness it is.

The sweetness of Heaven reaches all the way to the center of Earth. Earth is inundated in the sweetness of the Heaven bakery. And everything is fresh, freshly-made in a thrice, in an instant of love. There is an outpouring of love and nothing else but love.

What is baked in the oven of Heaven today? Love. Love alone. Love original. Love individually wrapped. Love like lemon drops. Love dropped from the sky. See it coming. It falls to you. Look up. Put your hands out and catch it. Catch it on your tongue like snow. Savor it.

This is the love cooked up for you. Special-order. It is personal and universal at the same time. Consider it as a giant pizza. There is enough to share with all. All will eat, and still there will be more. No one will be hungry for love because you will have shared it. You will have waved it around as though it were a wand. Love, like stars, fills your heart It spills all over. You are meant to trip over it. There is nowhere to go where it is not. As your heart becomes rife with love, so does the universe.

You had to pick up the love first, and you had to strew it. It was never yours to step over nor tiptoe around.

Swab the deck of Earth with the love from Heaven.

Catch it like the sun and shine it everywhere.

Ignite the love in your heart, and see the world lit up with it.

See the difference your love makes when it is not denounced, nor kept secret, hoarded, hidden, relegated to the back burner.

See the difference your love makes when it is brought out into the light of day. It will turn night into day. Twenty-four hours of love every day. How natural. How Divine.

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