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God said:

There is nothing like the fireworks of the soul. There is nothing to compare to it. If you want to see something dazzling that lights up even the whole galaxy of stars, then you should see the soul. You cannot see it, however, yet you do have glimpses of it. Love is a good glimpse of it. The trees and other growing things outside your window exude love at every moment. The sun does. You do. I do. It is inevitable. The soul loves.

Whatever you think life is about, it is about soul. It’s not about success nor fame nor wealth nor health nor illness nor good grades nor education nor cars nor even travel to the moon. It is about the human heart, and, with that, your soul in all its Greatness. You and I are one in soul, and everyone else is one with us in soul as well. Oversoul, undersoul, there is only soul. You are soul, beloveds. Whatever else you may be, you are infinitely and ultimately soul. You are a soul traveling on Earth. Your soul travels everywhere, for your soul is not bound. Your soul is boundless. Your soul is tied to nothing but love, and that is freedom like no other.

It is not the world that sets you free. You are already free. Handcuffs do not inhibit the soul. You are a soul traveler. You can never lose your soul, and yet on Earth, you go to great lengths to discover it.

Let freedom ring. Let it reverberate through the Universe. All souls touch another. All are securely in one embrace, for pure soul and pure love go hand in hand, a field of hearts emblazoned across the Universe. No fireworks can simulate the explosion bursting from your heart. Your heart is a sunburst of love.

It has been said that there is a veil between you and the core of your life, the core being your amazing soul. But what is a veil, beloveds? It is a gossamer thing that you can push aside as if it were not there. You can see through veils. They are an illusion like any other. It’s just that you attribute great power to this sultry veil.

Anyway, your soul isn’t on the other side of the veil anymore than I am. Where I am, so goes your soul. And you too, My beloveds. I am as close to you as your soul. We are bonded, you and I, heart and soul, and that means such exquisite supreme Oneness, Oneness that cannot be contained, but must burst forth as the dawn the day.

Electrical lights are useful and, oft-times, beautiful, yet man-made light next to the sun is dwarfed. Nothing equals the sun, and nothing equals you who are beautiful soul, manifested in a human body on the God-given Earth. What a magnificent creation you are. Whatever you may display, you are as grand as the sun. I wasn’t kidding when I said you were My greatest creation. You can do anything, beloveds. You can do everything. You can discover the soul of you, and you can display it, and you will. You will rise to the summit of Earth and proclaim Earth’s Oneness with Heaven.

You can be the sunlight through the leaves of Humankind on Earth. You can shine your light in myriad ways. But don’t think about it so much. Just get up and do it. Set yourself off the way you do fireworks, and you will display such grandeur that you will be in awe and the world will stand up and applaud itself.

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