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God said:

There is the persistent idea in the world that you have to understand. Trying to understand, you spin your wheels. You take up unnecessary time with questioning. Seek further knowledge of what interests you. There may be a reason. At the same time, you don’t have to understand the workings of a motor in order to drive a car.

Where did you get the idea that you have to understand everything? Trying to make sense of everything makes no sense at all. Then striving to understand becomes a stumbling block.

Is it not true that you would like to understand everything? Big or little, it doesn’t matter, you crave to understand. “Why do I have this freckle on my nose? Why did my girlfriend leave me? How could she? Why didn’t the sun come out today? How did life come to be? And what am I doing here? What is it all about?”

Sometimes you ask so many questions, and you leave yourself up in the air.

You don’t really need so many questions. Nor do you need the answers.

What if you did get all the answers, what then? What difference would it really make? There is virtue in taking the card that is dealt you and holding your hand out for the next one. You don’t need to wait for a long-delaying answer.

Children give a short answer to Why. They say it is Because. Because it is. It isn’t exactly sensible to be offset or upset by what is. Why are you unmarried? Because you are. Why did you marry? Because you did.

Why do you ask why?

Life is not a wrestler that can simply be pinned down.

Life flows. That is your answer. Life flows.

You are really seeking Me more than answers. You are seeking love, and I have it, and I give it to you. What is love worth? A lot. Everything. And what is an answer worth? Not much at all. Nothing really. Oh, so this is why. An answer brings you to a quick stop. Does the answer apply to the next question? Probably not. And you start questioning all over again. Sometimes I think you are in a state of perpetual questioning. Enough of questions. Get down to life. Theories are a dime a dozen. Life is now. It is not necessary to ponder over life so much. Life is a flowing river. Why does the river flow? Because it flows.

And you also ask: “Does the river have an end?”

You may think it does, yet the answer is no. There is no end, just as there is no end to you. You are My Forever Creation.

Then you ask, “Why am I forever?”

The answers: “Because I made you so. Because you are not temporary. Because you are part and parcel of Me. Because this is how it is.”

“But why, but why?” you ask again and again, and the non-ending cycle of questions begins again.

There is one answer that applies, and that is love. Because of love, you are. Because of love you are eternal. Because love is eternal. Because there is God, because you are Mine, because I would have it no other way, you are irreplaceable. You are One with Me.

Rather than question, accept. Accept and move on. Accept and step out of the quicksand of questions that swallow you up and spit you out again.

Forget questions for a while. Forget answers for a while. Forge ahead in life, and keep going. You don’t have to have questions, and you don’t have to have answers. Make the life you have into what you want. That will keep you busy.

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