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God said:

Already you have experienced that what once seemed of the utmost importance to you turns out not to be important at all. Once perhaps your life depended upon the love of a certain other for you, and now the importance of love from that person has faded. Now you may even wonder what made you feel the way you did. You shrug your shoulders. The importance you attributed was dependent upon one illusion or another, the main illusion, perhaps, that you were in need. You were not in need. It certainly seemed so, yet it came down to your need of illusion. It is like you hypnotized yourself into believing something that wasn’t so, and yet you believed it with all your heart.

All the myriad of matters that are essential to you now will also fade. All the concerns, even the terrors, become as if nothing at all. You don’t have to leave this plane in order to come to this realization. No matter how much drama you enter into and seem to believe, you already know this. This and that are not lasting. And you in human form are not lasting either. It is all a dream. When you are in the dream, however, you are in it.

Just as with a dream you dream in sleep, as the dream reveals itself, it certainly seems that it is happening. It happens at night right before your closed eyes.

Sooner or later, you wake up from your dream, and you are relieved that it is only a dream, or the dream was so beautiful and engaging, that you are sorry to wake up from it.

All of relative life is a dream you are having, beloveds. The dream may last a hundred years. It has all the details it has. Your dream has havoc and consternation, and your dream has revelations of beauty and freedom, and none of it really happened. It was all REM in what you thought was a wakeful state, yet it was all a dream while you were sleeping.

What is called real life on Earth is not real life at all. It has the semblance of real life, yet it exists only on the level of thought.

All that is really real is a state of love that exists always and yet is often overlooked. Object-based love is an overlay of love, yet love requires no object. Love alone is. Love may be occluded from your view, yet love remains. When all is said and done, all that exists, all that remains is love, and you carry love with you always. No matter how disguised your love may be, love weathers all storms. Love is never vanquished. What could vanquish love?

I AM Love, and nothing can undo Me. Nothing can. The only survivor of all the dreams is love. Love is above all. There is nothing that even comes close to love.

Love is the Reality, and nothing else is. Love is not a dream. Love is the only true you have. Love surpasses years. It knows not of time. Love surpasses accomplishments. Love knows not of accomplishments. It surpasses the mass dream of death. Despite what is imagined in the world, love comes through. Love surmounts all the everything else that ever seemed to be.

Love survives life, and love survives death. Love makes it clear that there is no death. The concept of death may be the biggest fraud of all. What is not true and not possible is a fake. Everyone seems to have worshipped the Dream of Death which is, after all, only hype. Not even the greatest illusion in the world can pass for Truth. Let go of the concept of death, beloveds. Be duped no longer. Wake up, sleepyhead.

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