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God said:

Dear Children, you do not need to be comfortable. Comfort is stasis.

You do not need to be uncomfortable either. Uncomfortable comes from control. When you have to be in control, you feel uncomfortable because control is resistance. Give up your control, and comfort and discomfort will be things of the past. They are of the past.

You not only have been wanting a smooth ride, you have been wanting a free ride.

You want transformation, but you do not want change.

You want what you want when you think you are supposed to have it.

Think more about Me.

Today We are talking about comfort, change, and commitment. What are you committed to, to your word or Mine?

To be committed to My word, you have to move faster than you have been. And what is that but change?

When you are committed to Me, you do not have to catch up. You do not need everything in place. Indeed, with commitment to Me, the usual run of things will be disturbed. Ask yourself what you are holding on to.

My children are compulsives. You want everything arranged the same way. You think you are a settler, when in truth you are a nomad. You set the table of life a certain way, and that is how you think it must be. When the table is arranged differently, you feel out of sorts because you did not rearrange it. And you protest. You feel you have been thrown out of your warm home. You feel you have been catapulted out of where you are supposed to be to a place you are not yet ready for. Who is it that says you are not ready? Not I.

Consider yourself ready.

Consider yourself already changed.

Consider yourself committed to Me and not what you have always thought.

Consider yourself uncommitted to the ways of the world.

Move up to a bigger realm all ready for you.

As soon as you enter, you are ready.

You will not be ready until you do enter.

Hesitation has to do with what and Whom you are listening to.

You are flowers blooming in the Sun, and you say to the Sun: “Wait! I’m not quite ready to bloom. Wait. You’re making me bloom too fast.” But Who is it that sets the rate of your growth? Is it you? Who is it that pulls on the golden cord that unites Us? When you do, you are pulling back. When you allow Me to pull, you keep up with Me. Abandon resistance.

Loose your hold on your bonds.

Be not committed to your bonds.

Be not comfortable in bondage.

Be comfortable in freedom.

Bondage is small.

Freedom is large.

Why am I, Who sits in the Absolute Stillness of Being, asking you to change? Because it is next.

When I ask you to let go, what am I asking you to change to?

The letting go is the change. Let go, and then you move up. You have been hiding from My vision, and I tell you that it is yours. The smallnesses that preoccupy you are not My vision. They are your turning away from Me.

I invite you to come with Me, and you hesitate. You say you are not sure. You say you have to be certain. I say I am certain.

It is a slight turning of your heart that is asked for.

You think it is something huge.

Your fear makes it huge.

Fear and stubbornness are not of God. They are of the world.

You are meant to be a great artist. You are not meant to be a copier.

Your life is your artistry.

Be true to My sights. Come to My vision. Leave the horizon you have seen all your life. Accept the Horizon I bequeath to you. You were made for greatness. Let go of what you thought, and accept My thought and My vision and My love for you that ask you to come with Me on a wonderful journey in which you must leave your attachment to yourself behind.

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