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God said:

It is sweet to yearn for whatever you yearn for. Yearn to your heart’s content. It is good for you. Your yearning is a practice with your heart. Your yearning comes from your heart, and you begin to listen to it. Give yourself permission to yearn. Yearning is your heart’s calling. Your yearning takes you in a direction that you might otherwise not go.

Yearning is different from bemoaning. Bemoaning discourages you. Yearning wakes you up. Yearning is like a treasure map that you open and then follow. From the beginning of yearning comes the outcome of yearning. We can call your yearning the first step and what you yearn for the last step. It is the in between then that you encompass.

You do not need to know all the interim steps. Your intention, your yearning, will get you together with that which you yearn for. Do not give up on your yearnings simply because you don’t know how to get to them. Just start going. Maybe you will go the long way round, but at least you are going somewhere. You have to be going somewhere in your life, so you might as well get going toward that which pulls at your heart.

Within your yearning lies the fulfillment. Yearning is powerful. Yearning is a sweet desire. What you yearn for may not be quite clear to you as yet, and that is all right too. Perhaps your yearning is for yearning, not yet knowing or daring what to yearn for. If you don’t know, it is likely because you have cut off your yearnings at the corral. You negated your yearnings. You may even have advised yourself to yearn for something else or nothing at all, and you did a good job of convincing yourself to put away your tender yearnings, as if they did not matter.

Your yearnings are feelers from your heart. They are tentative. You will do well to hear them out. What you truly yearn for may be quite different from what you convinced yourself of. You wanted your yearnings based on present Earth reality, but yearnings are a different critter and cannot be sanctioned by the light of the present day. If your whole vantage comes from where you presently represent yourself, you abandon or outlaw the very stirrings of your heart’s yearning. You cannot yearn for what you presently have. Yearning is for something that is not yet evident. Your very yearnings are trying to reach somewhere where you presently are not, or they would not be yearnings.

Certainly, appreciate where you are now. By all means. But appreciating is not yearning. Both appreciating and yearning are worth acclaiming. Perhaps they are the two ends of the same lasso.

Be a cowboy in life with a stream of beautiful wild horses. You have to single one out to catch. Then you can catch another. But first you see the horse you want, and then you go for it. You could throw your rope out and let it catch what it catches and in life that often happens, but a cowboy has a horse in mind. It is not always the one nearest to him.

Your yearnings, by their very nature, are mavericks, or they would not be yearnings. And there must be something of a maverick in you for you to seek them out. If you were a horse without yearnings, you would be a nag, but you are a cowboy, and you get ready to rope in that which your heart yearns for.

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