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God said:

When you are going through a sad time, whether from current moments or from memories of the past, know that you are getting close to great insights. The insights may or may not take you deeper into sadness, yet, in every case, the insights are pulling you up from the well of sadness. The sad thoughts are not going to drown you. They are lifting you out.

Sadness is being washed away from you by torrents of rain, and then the sadness is dried by a golden sun, and you are restored to your original State of Being. Sadness is not a terrible thing. It does not have to be banished. Yet deeper insights even of sadness are wiping the slate clean. Don’t be affronted by sadness. Let sadness have its day in court. Much has been hidden from you that you are now seeing.

You may feel that your heart is melting in sadness too deep for you to understand. The sadness is melting, not your heart. Your heart is gaining strength. Both emotionally and physically, your heart is gaining strength. The sadness is leaving. It is sad to leave. It was comfortable bolstered by the pillows of sorrow in your heart it slept on. Much is leaving your heart. Do not be sad to see it go. Honor the parting sadness. It simply could not come up to the surface before. Now it is leaving. Your heart will be fine without it. You will be fine without it. The sadness held you together, and now you don’t need it. The seeds of your sadness are clearing you.

Negativity and sadness are not the same. Negativity you may have to sweep out. Sadness will leave of its own accord once it gets unburied from the leaves of the past that covered it. Yet both negativity and sadness come from a belief in loss, and sense of loss can grow only in a world of time and space.

You can’t keep the baby booties of the past forever. The baby’s feet have grown. The birds of the past flew away long ago, and you are mourning them. You are mourning what once seemed to be and no longer is. You are mourning that which you sought and never found. You are mourning loss of dreams and loss of almost anything you can think of.

You fear that you have not caught on to life and that you never will. You fear that life has passed you by.

You know very well that life is meant to be made of much more than loss and sorrow and wishes deflected. You simply can’t hold on to anything right now. You only thought you could anyway. That is a vanished dream as well.

It has been said that you are born with nothing and leave with nothing. In terms of the world that is true. I would speak a bigger Truth, and say that you were born with everything and you leave with everything, and yet everything does not mean the things of the world or anything of the world, or anything of the world as it is seen to be.

You were born with all the love of Heaven and you leave with all the love of Heaven. There is the nothingness of everything. You can’t put it in a pill. You can’t bottle it. You can only be it, beloveds.

You are My dream, and you have not left My dream. You are fulfilling My dream every moment. Even in dried tears, you have been following your story by living your life. From the ashes, you rise, and you rise to the love that you always have been yet which you have hidden away.

Now, on Earth, you are coming out more into the open, into the Ocean, into the open Ocean of Love.

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