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God said:

Come from love. Unless you are coming from love, don’t say it. Unless you are coming from love, be quiet. Even in little things, in little things that seem insignificant, unless you’re coming from love, don’t do it, don’t say it, don’t think it.

Even when it comes to deleting an email, if you are feeling resentful, let go of the resentment before you delete. If you are feeling spiteful, let go of spite. If you cannot let go of antagonism in the little things, how are you are going to manage negativity in bigger things?

You can let go of negativity. You can. You really can. Here is where you learn humility. I will tell you that nothing is worth negativity. Nothing. Have an ace up your sleeve. The ace is good will. And if the ace up your sleeve is not yet good will, then don’t play that card.

You have a magic card, and it is good will. And if you do not yet have this magic card of good will, go for it. You can go for it in baby steps. The thing is that you go for it.

Now I will tell you that there is no small negativity. There is negativity, or there is positivity. There is no scale when it comes to negativity, nor is there a scale when it comes to positivity. There are no gradations. Hard feelings are hard feelings. A tiny bite of venom is, nevertheless, venom.

If someone you thought was a friend lets you down in one way or another as friends sometimes do – let’s say he sent you an email that annoys you and you resent the email, think twice before you delete his email rudely. Deleting is okay. You have to delete emails and even loving emails. You can’t keep them all, yet you can delete without passion. Try it. Try it now. Pay attention. Delete with a blessing for the sender of it. Yes, even spam. .

This is so important what I am saying to you. When you feel peeved, when you resent that the sender of the email no longer seemingly considers you important, consider your good will as important. What someone else does is not so important. What you do and how you do it matters very much. I am talking to you right now and not to someone else.

I am not suggesting that you mask your negative feelings, I am saying that you remove them.

Unless you come from love, don’t do it. Come from love, or don’t do it. Remove the negativity. Bless the person rather than dismissing him or her. Will you do that? Will you do that for the sake of the world, for the sake of the person, for the sake of yourself, and for My sake? For God’s sake, will you make an end to negativity? What are you doing by keeping it?

Let go of animosity. Let go of hurt feelings. Let go of anger. Whatever is not love, let go of it.

This is the meaning of turning the other cheek. Turn away from negativity. Turn toward positivity.

I cannot be clearer than I am. Do not allow yourself to hold on to negativity. Do not allow yourself to act from negativity. Do not allow yourself to justify negativity.

Remember how I value you. Remember that I reside within the one you perceive as other who has ignored or downplayed you. No longer are you to deride the heart of another. You will not say it’s okay to relish deleting. Even if not spoken, what you think is communicated, and what you think falls back on you.

You are too wonderful to play with negativity. You are wonderful enough to drop it. Negativity is a hot potato, and no longer will you touch it, not even with a ten-foot pole.

Is it so hard to come back to Me?

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