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God said:

Have you ever wondered if you had been born somewhere else, how different you and your life might be? What if you had been born in the Himalayas, what would you be like? What would you be doing? Or had you been born anywhere else, what would you be like? What if you were born to different parents even in your same town, even next door, what would you be like? How different might you be then? And what if you had been born at a different juncture of time? Would you be you or someone else?

When all is said and done, you were born to the parents you were born to in the land you live in the juncture of time you are, and you are as you are, and you have the tendencies you have.

That fact that there are no accidents has to change your view. You were born or adopted right where you are supposed to be. And you are learning and developing just as you are meant to no matter how much you value your upbringing or do not value your upbringing. I suspect you value your upbringing more as you go along in life. Maybe yes, maybe no.

Of course, you held meaning for your parents as well, whether you brought sunny days or cloudy nights.

Here is what I want to tell you. It’s all right. However you are, wherever you are, whatever talents you have or don’t have, you are all right. And, regardless of how you were brought up or not brought up, you develop your talents regardless of disadvantages, and you may not develop your talents regardless of being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.

It is not always possible in the world to know what is an advantage and what is not. Anything can be either.

At the same time, there is something of you that is you regardless of anything else. You cannot hold your advantages or disadvantages responsible. You have great say in who you are and how you are and what you do next.

It is said that I work in strange and wondrous ways. And so do you. So do you.

Everyone’s life is different. Two brothers in the same household are much alike or not all alike. They may perhaps be incomparably different, and yet, and, yet, they are brothers who sprouted miraculously from the same parents.

It can be said that every aspect of your life influenced you, the books you read, the songs you sang, the teachers you had, the teachers you didn’t have, your language, the snow, the forests, the rain, the droughts, the mountains, the trees, the valleys. There is something you are grateful for that someone else is not. No matter what, your life is up to you.

It can be said that you follow your destiny even as you may have no idea what your destiny is. You follow unseen clues. It can also be said that you make your own destiny.

Some of My children seem to be certain from an early age how they want to serve in this world. And there are others who switch around and are unsure.

Here’s My point. It’s okay. You are okay as you are today. Life is unwinding its spool of thread. Your life can change overnight. There is no knowing. You may be sure of something, and your life just keeps going along as it is. You can even be sure that your life will stay the same, and it changes before your very eyes.

How would you know that your life is or isn’t as it is meant to be right now? And tomorrow it is meant to be as it appears tomorrow? No matter how much you know, how little you know, how little the world knows.

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