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God said:

What can the matter be when you are a light of love in God’s Heaven? This is the Truth but not the Truth you see. You see illusion and become embedded in it. Illusion has become a way of life. It is like getting involved in how pretty words may look on the page while forgetting their meaning. You calligraph words with great swirls. You get lost in the swirls rather than what the words themselves mean to say.

You embroider the world. Rather, it is like you undo the embroidery of the universe. And yet you don’t succeed. Whatever you do on the surface of life, the innards of life keep their hold.

Can you imagine an angel losing his way and not knowing what to do next? Can you imagine an angel who gets so distracted from his purpose that he forgets what it is? Well, that is you. You are an absent-minded angel. You have forgotten where you live. You have forgotten your name. You keep looking for it in a telephone book. You knock on doors, and find not your name.

I give you your name, and it doesn’t penetrate. You are so busy looking for who you are that you don’t hear. You deny yourself. It’s true. You are the one who denies or rewards yourself.

Decide now to give yourself plenty. Decide now that you will go to the bank, open the vault, and take out the fortune secreted there. Decide now that this is the time to start spending your life the way a generous millionaire spends his fortune. No more hoarding or saving. No planning on rainy days. The sun is shining now. Do not deny yourself the joys of the world. Practice being in Heaven where all is as you see and say.

The difference between Heaven and Earth is exactly what you say and what you see.

Can you imagine anyone in Heaven grousing about things? Can you imagine anyone in Heaven for even one minute thinking there is something they can’t do or have or be or give? Can you imagine stinginess in Heaven? Can you imagine an angel saying No? Can you imagine angelic self-denial?

Yet on Earth, you have unopened boxes of chocolates. You have yourself denying yourself all the time. You say no to yourself and no to your children when you could be saying Yes, and Yes, and Yes. Try it.

Let the word Yes trip from your lips today. Let Yes be your mantra. Say Yes and more Yesses. Say, “Yes, I will.” Say, “Yes, I’d love to.” Reach into the pocket of your heart, and Yes will spill out all over the place.

When you say Yes, you are saying Yes to Life. Rewards come in all shapes and sizes. You would not turn any away for the sake of…for the sake of what? Principle? Habit? But you are not an automaton. True, you may have been programmed to say No, and now program yourself to say Yes winningly.

If someone approaches you and says, May I help you? answer Yes. If someone approaches you and asks for help, say Yes. Let your first impulse be to say Yes. Consider saying Yes. Yes is sweet and appealing. No, however, may put a stop to an unknown possibility.

Possibilities are not sure things. There is nothing certain about life on Earth except for the Heaven behind it all. Peek around the corner. Let no opportunity be defeated before it arises. There is a knock on your door. Open it.

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