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God said:

When you feel bombarded by others’ wills, when you feel opposed or discounted, then this is a signal to sit back a little, at a little distance from the skirmish, and stay with Me. What else can you do?

When you fight in the world, you are fighting imaginary opponents. Because someone sees and thinks differently from you, you think they are opposed to you and that therefore there is something for you to oppose.

Two different ways of seeing and thinking do not have to be two trains ready to collide.

All things have a way of settling themselves. You do not personally have to do the settling. You do not need to be the arranger of events or settler of disputes. You do not have to argue. You do not have to take sides. You do not have to go to court.

You have your point of view, and someone else has another. Each, from his own perspective, is right.

Respect theirs. You do not have to go along with them. You can allow them their own view, just as you want to be allowed yours.

But what do you do when a decision has to be made, and there is disagreement? First of all, dispense with the idea that one of you has to win and one has to lose. You do not even have to come to agreement. Who said you did?

Sometimes, by listening and by seeing more clearly, you see that a decision has already been made. Your arguments are merely a way of finding out what has already happened. You are clearing the fog. The question isn’t where do you go from here? The question is: Where are you right now?

Sometimes what you think is going on isn’t what’s going on at all.

Consider that disputes in life are like cleaning out a closet. You find out what’s in there. Some things you let go of. Some you keep. You may not enjoy the process. But you do not bemoan the job when it is done. You are glad that the closet has been sorted and cleared and straightened out and you know where everything is.

How can good people see so differently?

You cannot change anyone’s mind. But minds change.

Stay with what is true, and let go of what is not.

Truth will rise on its own.

When will you believe that all is well?

You do not have to whip life into shape.

You are an observer.

Observe from where I am.

You will be beneficent.

You will see the vastness.

You will know you are the vastness.

You will know the extent of you.

You have been merely flipping through the pages of a book. You do not become outraged at a page. You do not tear it out. You merely flip past it. Perhaps a whole chapter is not what you like. But it will become just another chapter when you go on to the next.

All painful arguments are really concerned with the past. There would not be dissension if the past were not involved. If not for the past, your emotions would not run you ragged.

So, now make friends with life. Love that other people care too, even though they care about different things from you. Love that there is something to care about.

Be glad there are others who run through the forest with you, even though your paths diverge. What matters, stays. What does not matter, leaves.

Sun rises. Birds sing.

Welcome the advent of life.

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