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God said:

The Great Spiritual Ones gave love wherever they happened to be. They didn’t set out to give love. It is not so much that they gave love as they emanated it. They radiated love.

They did not go around thinking: “I’m going to give out love today. I’m going to give out love to everyone. I am really going to reveal love. I’m going to give a lot of it. I’m going to teach love.”

Love came from the Great Ones like a flowing river. The Great Ones, whose very consciousness was love, loved. It was no effort. The Great Ones did not have to decide to give love. Anymore than a human being who may not feel love in his or her heart has to think: “Today I’m not going to give love to anyone.”

Loving or not loving is where you happen to be. Either way, loving or not loving — neither has to be thought of. They come on their own. Love is shared, or it is not. You are in your Truth, or you are not. Your Truth is that you are love, just as I am love. Love is far more than a conscious thought. Love is far more than a demonstration. Love is far more than what you may think.

Loving or not loving is not an action. You can coo and you can ooh and ahh all you want, yet love is far more than gestures or the words you use. Loving or not loving is not a mood you are in; it is your state of consciousness. Consciousness grows. It’s where you truly are. It’s like how much you weigh. You can wear a girdle or not eat for three days, yet when you weigh yourself on a proper scale, you weigh what the scale says you do. What appears may or may not be the Truth of you.

So is it with your state of consciousness. Desire does not directly enter in. Of course, desire may lead you somewhere, yet all your desires regarding your state of consciousness have to wait until your consciousness and desires meet.

Desire has sometimes had a bad press, as if desires are not to be or indicate a lower state of consciousness. Desire is a great precursor of what is to come. I laud desires, yet nothing is more than your Being. Nothing is more than love, the love I speak of, because the nature of your True Being is love, pure and simple.

Your desires are not everything. Your Being is.

Love is not something that grasps at straws. Love is your birthright to give and to receive. There is no scarcity of love, only love has been held in isolation for one poor reason or another.

Love manifests. Love is the seed from which everything grows.

Do not get Me wrong. It’s fine to give love even when you have to think about how to do it. Next to love, you want to be in your Truth. Yes, your Truth is love. However you do not want to kid yourself that you are wonderful to love or wonderful to give. It is the same as with forgiveness. You are not wonderful to forgive, for what offense did you take that you feel you have to forgive someone for? Who are you to be wonderful to give love when love is what you are? So much depends on your getting to know yourself and, therefore, loving yourself and so loving all seeming others as yourself.

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