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God said:

Whatever you are worrying about, no matter how serious, you worry for nothing. Worry stirs the pot. Put the lid back on. Soup will cook without a vast amount of your attention. I do not say to forget about what’s going on in your life. I say not to make it the main purpose of your life, not for even one day.

If there is something you can do right now, pay a bill, for instance, do that. Nevertheless, bills unpaid do not have to consume your life.

When you spend your life worrying, you are throwing your life to the wolves, as it were.

Do what you can do today, and then move your attention to something else. Would I ever want you to be pre-occupied with worry? Where have I ever said that worry is good for you? I would never tell you to wrack your brain with worry. I would never tell you to get into a frame of mind consumed with worry.

If you find yourself in a spot of worry of your own making, don’t do it again. Beloveds, you cannot wrap the world around your little finger. Untwine the world for a while. Wherever you leave the world in your thoughts, you can come back to it. Desist from worry. You may know worry too well. Do not let worry be the mainstay of your life.

If you were a cow who had to graze and you had eaten all the grass in one pasture, you would go into another pasture where there is fresh grass. Whereas beloved cows have to wait for someone to open a gate to a new pasture for them, you don’t have to wait. You don’t have anyone to wait for but yourself to get you out of the worry pasture.

Do not say that you cannot help worrying. Nor do I say that you can flick worry off just like that, yet I do say you can point yourself in a different direction. You can at least think that a new vein of thought is a better idea than worrying yourself to distraction.

Are we perhaps talking about not taking life so seriously? Is that what We are talking about? Is that what I am asking of you?

Surely, you don’t have to abscond with worry. You don’t have to run away with it. Let worry take care of itself for a while. Worry doesn’t need your participation. Don’t worry. Worry won’t forget about you. It has been trained to come back. It is good at it. You are not good at letting it go.

Living without worry at the helm of your life doesn’t mean you would be a ne’er do well. It simply means you would not carry a weight around your neck. You would not carry worry beads. You would not go over the same thoughts again and again this way or that. Your life would not revolve around worries.

Beloveds, where did your old worries go?

You have gone through many things in life, and you have made it through. You see life as good times and bad times, easy times and hard times, up and down, back and forth. Do you think you can think of life another way? Can you think of it more as a straight line, a line without extremes, a line without expectation of pot holes? Life is nothing more than life! Just call life life. I think you can follow life as it comes and take it as it comes, neither pushing it or pulling it, just taking it as it comes, meeting it half way, well, life kind of like a marriage where you get to know each other better as you go along, and it comes out okay.

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