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God said:

All that Humans do is an attempt to reach Oneness. All.

Even war is an attempt at Oneness, a poor attempt, but an attempt nevertheless to achieve Oneness by eliminating what is seen as the other.

Anger is an attempt to remove what seems to interfere with your sense of Oneness.

All the separation you make is an attempt at Oneness. You excuse others from the room you are in so that only Oneness is left. And then when you are left alone, you call that loneliness. Or if a number are left in agreement with you, you call that a team or support.

Questions you often ask, consciously or not, are : What are you to me? What am I to you?

And so you invite, and so you push away. In a remote corner of your heart, you always know it is yourself you are pushing yourself away, or inviting. Deep within, you know there is no other. All crimes are crimes against yourself.

Every conversation you have unites or disunites.

Oh, yes, you want to be united. But agreement is not union. Nor is disagreement disunion except that you think so.

You like to work together with someone sometimes, but much of the time it’s struggle, so you also like to work apart. But whether you announce an alliance with another or not, you are in it together, for all you do, and all they do — all affect the other, and all are affected. You have many silent partners. Proximity or distance matters not. All is proximity.

Heave ho. You either spread light or you hide it. You unite or you sever. One is called joy and the other is called ache.

You have no choice but to choose.

There are no sides, yet you must choose. Do not choose by default. Choose by desire.

Choose alliance. Make all allies. Be an ally to all.

It is a little thing to solace others, and there is little time to do it in.

Lay down your swords. They are ego. Swords and ego can be lain down.

Let your heart be itself. Let is be a laser light of love. Let it cut through steel and mountains. Let it flow down streams. Let it sow the fields and reap them. Let your heart add luster to whatever shore it takes you to. Let your heart cut through jungle growth. Let your heart tame the wild. Let your heart tame nothing, embrace all. Let your heart appreciate the wonder of creation. Let your heart be the instrument of it, forged by love. No longer encumber your heart. Take it out of the jacket you have strapped around it.

You are so afraid of what the world thinks of you that you disempower yourself. You are so afraid of being a sap that you become sapless and fool yourself.

Today you come to grips with life by letting go of your grip. Let life be the great mix that it is. Stir life with your heart. Combine love with more love.

The Oneness you seek is yours. It is all done. Only you keep trying to make something of it. Instead, acknowledge it.

There is One Universe. Universe means Oneness. There are not several Universes. No matter how many galaxies, no matter how many planets, there is One Universe created in the Oneness of My love. And I created you. How separate do you think you are from the Universe? What do you think you are made of? And what do you think that another is not made of? What do you make of what I say, and what do you make of yourself? Make of it what you will. You are what I say.

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