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God said:

You think you know what bliss is, but you have been only holding onto its tail. You have only a soupcon of what bliss is. Beloveds, it is more than the absence of what you call the troubles of the world. It is a joy so intense that you will never recover from it. You will certainly not get out of it. There will be no will to leave it, and no door nor crack for you to get through. Bliss will be the whirling golden energy that you associate with Higher Beings, and you will know that you are Higher Being. You never were all those things you imagined. You have never been anything like them, nor has anyone else.

I am using the word bliss with hesitation because I don’t want you to think that it is something apart from you and regular life or that it is affectation blissified or sissified and let you think that you don’t want it. The bliss of which I speak is not pristine nor prissy. It is simply laden with laser light. It is intense. It is what moves mountains and heals all wounds. Ordinary mortals will be immersed in Eternal Joy and will know with certainty that ordinariness does not exist and never did.

This Bliss of Eternal Joy will be so intense that you will hardly speak, and yet you will communicate, and you will communicate love which the intense joy is made of.

I call this bliss intense. This does not mean it will be a strain for you. You won’t have to clench your teeth and hold on as on a roller coaster ride. Beloveds, that is just it. You will hold on to nothing. What would there be to hold on to when all is golden light? You will walk through it, as you are walking now, only you will know the Goldenness you walk in, and you will never forget again.

Golden light was shadowed and foreshadowed for a finite measure of time, for a millisecond that you called a lifetime or history of the world. That person you thought you were, and the world thought you were, never existed. Everyone only thought that raw life existed. The TV news channel showed it. Books were written about it. It was analyzed from head to tail. It was studied in school, and it was all phantasmagoria. It was drama par excellence, and the bliss hidden. And yet the Light you now find yourself in will make all the drama worth it.

But the imagined time of imagining is at an end, and real life is beginning. The light of Heaven and the soil of Earth are blended. You cannot avoid the Light any longer. This is the meaning of “the blind shall see”, for you have all been blinded by the shadow of darkness. No longer will you be.

Oh, beloveds, you are going to stand in the Light with Me. You are going to hold hands with the Great Ones and all manner of Heavenly Beings, for you are of the same rank. You are the Holiness that has ever been, and you are the Holiness that you seek. Holiness is becoming rampant on Earth as it is in Heaven. Heaven and Earth will no longer be imagined as twain. Oneness is Oneness, beloveds, and you are the One Light that shines in Heaven and shines on the once-seeming-isolated Earth now merged in the brandishing light of Heaven. You will see. You will see.

If you want to gain nourishment from the air, you will. If you want to fly at will, you will. Your wildest dreams will become every day reality. You, My beloveds, are waking up and finding Me and smiling back at Me in the Oneness of Our Immeasurable Golden Light.

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