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God said:

In terms of your own life on Earth, you are the receiver of your life, the perceiver, and your own benefactor or thief. You may well be the one who steals joy from you, denies you joy, makes sure you don’t have joy, reprimands you so you won’t have joy. You may say that someone else, a particular person outside of you, denies you. Yet there is something within yourself that denies you. You are the whole story. You are the whole kit and caboodle. You are your own story-teller.

Odds are you will fault anyone but yourself. On the other hand, there are those who seem proficient in faulting themselves for all personal troubles and everyone else’s too. It is really true that everyone is responsible for everyone else, even when that seems impossible.

Too much or too little seem to be the by-word of many of My Children on Earth. There is so much that goes on in life that you are not yet aware of. There are shades and shades of meaning to your life and more and more. You, yourself, are multiplied. You appear in front of yourself, behind yourself, on your right, on your left in addition to which, everyone is you, you in another form of you, a reflection of you. How distant you may have become to forms of yourself.

There is no blame. There is no reprisal. There is no fault. From a millennium of fault you find, the one fault could be wrapped up as ignorance. You have called ignorance a fault. Perhaps that is the only fault there is. You may not know how to put two and two together, yet you can well be fluent in awareness of the significance of the heart, yours and others’.

Every single person in the world is doing the best he or she can, and there is an aspect of you in everyone, those you adore and those whom you do not tolerate well. There is something for you to learn from every person and every situation. With or without words, everyone appears before you so that you may learn a new aspect of yourself. The person may well not know why he is there or why he said what he did or didn’t.

Don’t overdo on the learning, beloveds. This learning is not to figure out or analyze. Let your mind be still. Your mind is not to tell your heart what to feel.

Your heart is simple.

Come from a place where no one disappoints you, beloveds. No one has to be what you want. Everyone has to be what he or she wants. If someone is disloyal to you, for instance, it’s all your perception anyway. Whether your perception is correct or incorrect, why would anyone have to be what you want? Why do you need someone to stick up for you? What makes you think so? What defense do you think you need? And why must another give it? Because you are loyal? You are  beginning to see how expectation is a demand and barrier.

In your heart, thank the one you saw as a signal to hurt your heart and be glad for the awareness you gained, and now move on.

Your life is not meant to bounce off other people, nor are all your thoughts to bounce off your own opinions. Other people have other things on their mind. What others say or do has nothing to do with you. You are not the subject of another’s life.

You have heard that there is good in everything. Find the good. Find the good in it, and you gain. You are ahead. You are far more than your perceptions, your experiences, your possessions, your faults, your promises. You are far more than hurt feelings. You are far more than any perceived aspect of you, and others are also far more than any aspect you perceive of them and insist on.

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