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God said:

All the love in your heart is Mine. This means that all your love is a reflection of Mine. It also means that your love is ultimately directed to Me. You know the feeling of love. You know what love is. It is your intimate nature as it is Mine. With love there is no distance and no separation. What is love but union? It is the entwining of hearts until there is Oneness. In Our case, We have Oneness Supreme.

This is why the woes of the world do not have to affect you as they may have. The beautiful sunrise, the beautiful blossoming of a rose, a bird’s sweet song, a child’s face lit up – the power of all these lies within you. They are a reflection of the love that Our hearts are full of.

Let no one say he is loveless. Has love lain dormant in the world? Yes, like a turtle, but not asleep. Drowsy perhaps. Nudge love awake then. Nourish the love in your heart with your desire to love again, your desire to love again and again, to love non-stop, to notice this love within your heart, to spotlight it and let it star center-stage in your life. This is your life, beloveds. What is there to wait for?

The love in your heart is not to meant to be thick molasses. It is not meant to have its vessels clogged. Nor is the love in your heart meant to be a licorice stick tugged on bit by bit. The love in your heart is like spring water that bubbles up regardless of whether anyone is there to drink it or not. Even if people pass by the spring of your love, you are a fount of love regardless.

The wellspring of water does not cry out for attention. Rather it stands at attention, ready every moment to give drink. And from a corner of their eye, even those who pass by may notice the fount of water and feel it. Even if unbeknownst, some of the water will have spattered onto them.

No one wants to be a dry well. Reclaim the love in your heart now. Prime the pump, beloveds. Moisten your heart with love. Wait not for moisture from the outside. Be the first to love. Even if you are the only one who loves, love with your full heart.

Love is the First Cause. It is the only Cause.

Machination is not love. Initiate love, but do not instigate it. Give it, and do not balk at it. Give it. Giving love first is not a ruse. It is a gift that is yours to give. Everyone warrants your love. No matter to whom you give love, you are granting it to yourself. Not a portion, no, all of it. When love rises from your heart, it lands everywhere. And that includes the heart from where it arose.

Your heart is like a furnace of love that heats up the whole world. And the furnace itself that gives off heat has the highest temperature of all. The giver of warmth is warmed. The giver of love knows love. He who gives love receives the love he gives.

Love is love. It has no quarter. Even the most personal love is universal. Love is love.

Love is pure or it is not love. Pure means without ulterior motive. The only motive for love is that you want to give it, not for a return, but for the blessing of itself.

The only thing on Earth worth its weight in gold is love. And, of course, gold does not hold a candle to love.

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