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God said:

You have known what it is like to feel as though you are without Me. You know what that feels like. You need no further training in that.

Now explore what it feels like to have Me right beside you. What a Companion you will find in Me. Always, I will understand, and always I will care. I will listen to you and never interrupt. I will lay down My cape over puddles for you to walk on. I will call cabs for you. I will offer all kinds of service. Foremost, it will be just enough for you to just know I am with you, looking into your eyes, following every movement of yours. You will not feel hovered over. You will feel the kind of companionship that is not obtrusive at all, just companionable, just there, side by side, as if you are doing your thing, and I am doing Mine. Companionable silence. Or companionable talk. Just as you like whenever you like.

I will never tire. You will always find Me as fresh as a daisy, and, you, too, will never tire, for as you move and live in the world with Me, you are, at the same time, resting. You will be energized at the same time as you are peaceful. You will be a candle steadily burning. You will be a constant energy of love. Your gears will run smoothly. Friction will be unknown. There will be no bumps in the road. Or, if there are, you will have risen above them. Therefore, where will they exist?

It is not that you will rely on Me. Knowing that My Presence is a given, there will be no need for relying anywhere but with yourself. You will truly be self-reliant. As We walk together in Our companionable silence, you will be your own Sovereign Being.

It is not that you will defer to Me on all things or any thing. You will defer to nothing but your own heart of gold. You will refer and defer to your own Being. You will know what to do without having to think about it. You certainly will no longer over-think. It will be like when you are sitting at the dining-table, and food is before you, and you simply pick up your fork. You don’t have to think: “Do I pick up my fork?” You will just easily know what to do. There will be no separation between mind, heart, and hand.

You will know only loveliness to perform. Just as the sun knows when to rise and when to set, so will you effortlessly rise and set. You will equally know when to perform an action and when not to perform an action, when to speak and when to hold your tongue. You will be at One with Me, beloveds, and you will be at One with yourself and all the Universe. You will be in the swing of Oneness where there is no separation of any kind. All impulses will rise, and they will be good. From the basis of love, all impulses will arise so effortlessly, so naturally, as if you had been born to it, which, of course, you have.

No longer will you even think happiness or unhappiness. You will live in a state of consciousness where comparison does not exist, the same way you don’t compare white to white on two pieces of the same cloth. What will there be to compare on a summer’s day to when there is only summer in your heart?

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