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God said:

Within the Grand Illusion lies illusion within illusion, one illusion on top of the other, illusion illusion every which way.

Within the illusion that this life as experienced on Earth is life entire, lies the illusion that you can lose something and be bereft. Of course, it is a subdivision of illusion that loss exists.

How many times have you lost something important only to find you haven’t lost it at all? It was right where you left it. You had commotion in your heart for no reason at all.

Perhaps you couldn’t find your car in the parking lot. “Oh, my car has been stolen!” you wail. And then you remember where you had parked it. Or you remember you had driven a different car.

You hunted and hunted for money you had hidden. You couldn’t find it in all the special hiding places. Then, without effort, you stumble upon the stash later. Nothing was lost. Because you couldn’t find it at a particular juncture of space and time – that doesn’t mean it was lost.

This is what I mean by illusion upon illusion. You portray many illusive scenes within the Grand Illusion. The Grand Illusion of life has its value, beloveds, or it would not be, yet you waste a lot of time in life ravaging yourself with tiers of illusion.

You not only think you can lose that which is not lost, you also may think that you yourself can be lost when you can only be where you are at the moment. Where are you if not where you are? Of course, the Truth is that you are with Me wherever your body stands.

Perhaps you stand in the middle of a forest, and you do not know which way to go to find the structure you call a home. You have set up a puzzle for yourself. You tell yourself you must be somewhere else other than where you are. You forget about the other 90% of life that goes on without your cognizance. You may not have found it, but it is going on all along just the same.

Beloveds, too often you worry frantically over what has not transpired but could. You worry about matters that are physical and about the more subtle as well. You worry that you will not get the part in the school play, the job you wanted, first prize in a cook-off. You also worry that someone else will no longer love you. There is no limit to the matters you find to worry about.

Wonders transpire as well. Today you could find a treasure. Today you could love. Today you could be pleasantly surprised. Misdemeanor does not have to befall. Tragedy does not have to befall. Glory can befall.

Everything you desire can befall. Desire that which your heart calls to you, and let it befall. Crumple up concerns as you would crumple up paper and throw it away. Concerns are no longer of use to you. They never were. You do not need to get roiled up for what you do not wish to occur. Get elevated by what you do wish to occur. There is every likelihood that what you desire will come to fruition, perhaps even more wonderfully than you dared to dream of.

While you are in the Grand Illusion, while you are at it, make it Great.

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