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God said:

Announce to yourself that you are releasing yourself from the past. You are freeing yourself from attachment to the past. As you recede the past, you accelerate forward.

Announce to yourself that you reclaim the accessibility of your power.

Announce to yourself that you are cleansed from the past. You have dived deep into the Ocean, and now you resurface bright and sparkling new.

Splashing from the depths, you rise to the Sun. You have the energy of the Sun. Announce to yourself that you have the energy of the Sun.

Announce to yourself that you now reflect the Light of the Sun on the many moons around you.

Announce to yourself your new freedom. You are free from everything that once kept you captive. Nothing now can keep you from your destiny, for you are freed from the past.

The past was not your destiny. The past was your thralldom.

Announce that you are meeting your destiny now. You have a tryst in the meeting-place called earth. You will be in the right place, and you will be joined by many, and you will be joined in the union of love.

Announce to yourself that you are love incarnate. You are its embodiment. You are surely that. Say this in a loud clear voice. Say it three times.

Announce to yourself that you will see with new eyes every day.

Announce to yourself that you will breathe with new breath, with new lungs, with new posture. You cannot walk the same. You cannot speak the same. Now you will announce yourself.

Announce to yourself that you are My treasured Being. Say loudly that you are the holiness of My eyes, you are the holiness the earth has been waiting for. All whose eyes fall upon these words, I am speaking to you.

Announce to yourself that you are entering Truth. Once entered, you will be incapable of leaving it. You cannot abandon it. Where could you leave Truth once found? Where does Truth belong if not within you. No longer capable of non-truth, not to yourself or anyone else, you are only capable of Truth in all its forms of love and beauty and exquisite Beingness.

No longer can you put yourself down or anyone else who co-exists with you on the planet you find yourself on, for you, who are an embodiment of Truth, are a proclaimer of Truth as well.

Announce yourself into the chamber of My heart. I have been waiting for you to announce yourself. You have always been here. All that was missing was your declaration. This is your declaration of independence from burdens of the world.

No longer will you carry heavy things, for they are of the past. Now you carry love, and love is very light.

In your new state, you will dislocate from your former vocabulary. Words like burden will no longer exist for you, for you are a Light Speaker as well as Light Giver.

I am teaching you to reach into the fountain of yourself and splash the world with light.

You, whose electricity is turned on, cannot keep it to yourself. This is how you light the world. You cannot help it.

This is the emergence of your True Self.

This is your identity. Only now you are past identity. You are in a new realm where words like thou and I are immaterial. They do not represent Truth. They represent illusion. And you are a purveyor of Truth. Truth will be known, and it will be known through the illusion of you.

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