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God said:

It is My delight to invite you to an assembly of hearts and souls. This is a special invitation to you. You can come at any time. No appointment needed. Everything is well prepared for you in advance. All that is missing for this celebration is you. The Host is ready, the food all set, musicians here, dance floor ready. Everything is in place. Only the guest hasn’t arrived. You are the eagerly anticipated guest. The table is set. There is a place card with your name on it. Are you still ambling in the woods? That is fine. There is no time limit here. There are no limits at all.

That’s the thing. You are accustomed to limits. You want to know a specific time and an exact address. You would like Me to send a cab for you. Yet the vehicle you ride in, beloved, is your heart, your beautiful heart. You still think that your mind has a big part in Our engagement. Your mind is just along for the ride, yet you have still thought the mind was the cop on the corner who is supposed to direct traffic.

Your heart is simple and direct. Your mind gets into the details and all the why’s and wherefore’s. Your mind is like a hesitant foot getting on an escalator. Your mind reads and rereads My invitation and tries to read something into it. It is a simple invitation I send, beloveds. It says, “Please come.”

Your mind holds My invitation up to the light. It examines the watermark with a microscope. Your mind wants to write a doctoral thesis with footnotes and an index, draw a map and graphs, and so your mind gets off track. Put your agile mind aside for a minute the way you would a book you are reading, get up, and come over here. You don’t have to know the way. You cannot get lost. You just have to come.

A door is before you. All you have to do is open it. It is not a safe you have to crack. No, it is a simple door. You don’t even have to turn the knob. A simple press with your hand will open it. Or say the words that open the door for you. Say, “God, here I am.” And then the door will open of itself, and all of Heaven too.

Sometimes you know too much, and that deters. Your thoughts intervene. They put up obstacles to that to which there is no obstacle. How could there be an obstacle to Heaven? A Heaven with obstacles would not be a Heaven.

No instructions are needed. Do you need instructions to know how to roll out of bed in the morning? Do you need a clock to set the beat of your heart? Do you need instructions to walk?

Just get up and leave your mind behind and get yourself over here. You say your mind persists in its tomfoolery? Well, then, let’s use the mind. Let the mind lift the trap door of itself and bring you out into the sunshine. I hand you a golden rope from Heaven. Grab it, and hoist yourself up. You can do this in the blink of an eye. Never was anything easier than your entry into Heaven. You simply have to admit yourself. Your mind is the whirlwind. Your heart is a straight arrow. But let your mind now see you where you are. See Me beside you. Where can you be then but in Heaven?

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