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God said:

Every thing in your life is a symbol. A china cup that was precious to your mother is precious to you now because it is a symbol of your mother’s love. Money is a symbol. A new car is a symbol. A rose is a symbol. We can say that you are a symbol. You certainly emblemize My love. From My love, I fashioned you.

What is not a symbol? All the concrete things in the world that exist are symbols. We can say that they are tokens. Love is not token, but love is seen in its expressions.

When you polish your furniture, are you not expressing a simple love? When you change a tire, is that not an expression of love? Even if you grumble, you are changing the tire. You might as well be genial about what is yours to do. Even tying a shoe lace symbolizes love. Love is the only action to take.

Rings have long been known as symbols. Symbols represent, and symbols remind you of a larger scope. The ring is not the valuable. Love is. The material simply is not enough for you, beloveds.

Let every thing and every action of yours be a conscious expression of love. The seashell on your shelf – is it not an expression of the sea and its bountiful sharing of itself? Is not the seashell a gift from the creature it housed and who has bequeathed it to you?

Is not the wreath on your door that hands wove a weaving of love?

All of nature expresses its love to you. Every tree that grows. Every leaf that grows from the tree. Every bud, every flower. Every clump of dirt. Oh, how reciprocal is the language of love.

All language is symbolic. All gestures. All light is symbolic of the One Great Light. And you, you are symbols as well. You are a symbol of Me. I say symbol even though We are One. Everything in the world is a symbol of Me.

You can think of everything in the world as a gift to Me. Certainly mountain peaks and the spires of buildings are reaching up to hand Me themselves. We could say that in reaching their height, they are bowing to Me. Surely they mean to honor Me. Just as the lowlands do.

What sunrise and sunset is not singing its glory to Me?

The rain that blesses the Earth is sending Me its love. From love the rain came, and to love it returns. Just like you. From love you came, and to love you return. Those words are symbolic, of course, of Our Undeniability. The imagined in between is a dream in the gloaming of Our Love.

Even the word Oneness is a symbol. We are beyond Oneness, beloveds. We are Oneness, and Oneness has no counterpart. Oneness does not have words. Love is Oneness. It does not speak. It is and it radiates Is-ness everywhere even while there is no everywhere any more than there is anywhere or nowhere, for Love simply is.

Time and space are mere symbols of the Eternity of Oneness. Time and space travel. They are butter melting. But melted butter remains butter. It doesn’t become salt.

Motion is a symbol of motionlessness. Love is motionless. It stands still. Love envelops without doing anything. Remember love, beloveds, and leave the rest behind, because love cherishes itself. Love revels in the ecstasy of love that sweeps the entire universe up in its arms and hugs itself and is speechless.

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