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God said:

The seasons are as you think them. In one hemisphere, it is spring. In another, it is fall. You roll with the seasons, and you roll with the Universe.

Before you know it, Christmas will be here. It will appear in a white wonderland, and it will appear in a tropical land. It matters not to Christmas or any holiday what the weather will be. Holidays come along just the same. Holidays don’t care how they are wrapped or not wrapped. What does a day need to be a holiday?

Does the day itself know it is a holiday? To itself, it is a day like any other day. What makes it special and noted isn’t the day itself, but you. To one, Christmas is happiness. To another, sadness. To another, it may be nothing at all, a far off event of a Santa Claus in a red suit in a sleigh with oranges for good children, and coal or nothing for the naughty ones. To another, it is a surging reminder of the birth of one who loved the world and really never left. He was never killed, for that which made him Christ could not be damaged.

Have no sadness about birth or death. They are merely a change of clothes.

There is no death, and Christ and all the Great Ones live still. Did you think the Great Ones were exceptions, and that they really left your side? They remained. Certainly, they live in your heart. Whether you have invited them or not, they reside in your heart, very much at home by the relaxing fireplace of love.

If you had a Great One in your presence, you would never leave him. Why do you imagine he would leave you? There are no circumstances under which Great Ones would leave you.

What are the Great Ones but you? They are you, only they are you with a greater firsthand knowledge of Me. What are the Great Ones but you, but only with a memory better than the one you own to now? What are the Great Ones but Me in human form, and what are you, beloveds, what are you? You are also I in human form. You think you have transgressed, but you are My holy child, only your eyesight is blurred, and you really believe that you are actually the form you walk around in. Anyone’s Greatness also is yours. You have not noticed yet. You will soon.

Christ is reborn, and so are you. What did Christ and the other Great Ones do but place their hearts with Mine? What did they give up but triviality and lesser consciousness? They didn’t make a deal. They simply put aside pettiness, and that’s how they became great. You may desire to put away all the small things that keep you bound to grumbling on Earth. You haven’t yet had the eyesight required to see that which is worth seeing.

But, look, I give you My eyes to look through. I give you My glasses. Simply put them on. They will look good on you, and you will see far. You will see all the way to all hearts, and you will be gripped by their beat, by their infinite infiniteness, and the music the heart plays without end.

You will come out of the confines you have put on yourself. You will rub your eyes and exclaim: “This is how it has been all along, and I never saw. How could I not see when there is all this God before me? But, never mind, the thing is that today I see, and this is My new birth. This is the day I saw the light of God and made it my own. I did not take it. I saw that it was already mine, and I saw it was already yours.”

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    “Christ” is the title of a Spirtual Office and a particular Stage in the Evolution of an Individual. Yeshua was certainly not the first nor the last soul to achieve Christ or Kristic Consciousness, where the Divine Mind/Intelligence becomes activated within an Initiate, usually after the individual has first successfully balanced the Divine Masculine (blue ray/flame) and the Divine Feminine (pink ray/flame) upon the sacred altar within the High Heart Center. The ‘Christ child” is then created by the sacred Union of the male/female energies, opening the way to the opening and full conscious connection between the incarnated soul fragment and the Higher Self. Spirituality is not really that difficult if you understand the basics.


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