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God said:

My nature, the nature of God, is the same nature as yours. I have said before: What I AM, you ARE.

This is impossible to believe, for you have thoughts and actions that I would not. This is what confuses you.

Beloveds, I said Our nature is the same. I didn’t say you always follow your own true nature. Your nature is love, pure and simple, and yet you have diverted from love more than once.

Your nature is to be wise and loving. That’s it. We could make a whole list of particles of Our nature, yet wise and loving are all you need to know. Why make a list that you may not follow?

What is My nature, beloveds? Well, all right, make a list of My nature, and know it is yours. Everything you are, I AM. You ARE My shining glory. Hard to believe, isn’t it. You may not know even one person that fits the bill. And yet I will say it to you again and again: You ARE My shining glory.

If you cannot come to the head of the line, will you think of one occasion when you did shine My glory? It may even be before you knew Me as you know Me now. It may be long before you even had thoughts of Me. There is more than one time in your life when you were Kindness and Love personified. A very little thing counts. It is, indeed, the little things that do count.

It does not require a dandy production. There is no parade. Maybe you just quietly cleaned up after someone. Maybe once you didn’t say a word. Maybe once you smiled at someone who needed your smile.

There is much good you can think of, and there is much good that you will not even remember. You may never even have recognized that you were going by My nature, yet going by My nature you were.

At the end of today, make a list of all the good you did today, and show Me the list. Hold it up so I can see and clap for you. If you gave one example today of My nature expressed through you, I am glad, happy, appreciative, thrilled, and grateful.

If you have given one example of My nature today, tomorrow give two.

In this case, look to the future. What do you think of today that you could do tomorrow to gladden someone’s heart? Think of all the easy things. And then think of something that might be hard for you, not easy. And then do it.

Once you’ve thought of following Our nature, I guarantee that the only thing that can possibly hold you back is tiny ego. Beloveds, if you have to eat humble pie, eat humble pie. What a glorious thing to do. My glory shines.

In life, as in Godwriting, you have to get yourself out of the way. What does this mean? It means to surrender. What but ego would keep you from surrendering what is not your nature in the first place. Please don’t equate habit with your nature. Ego is contrary to your nature. Ego is opposite to your nature.

Your nature is to be noble. You are nobility. You may not believe this, yet will you believe that you can go higher? Will you believe that you are more than you have yet revealed? Shine your light, and then you are a diamond on My crown. Anyway, you are immersed in My heart, and you wear the same crown I do. You are a star in the firmament, and it is time for you now to shine your light today and so shine My glory.

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