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God said:

Dear Ones, dear One of Me, I am not a great exponent of prayer. I know that may seem strange to you that I, God, to Whom you pray and to Whom some of you dear souls may pray fervently day and night, how odd that I, God, the Doer of all, am not a strong advocate of prayer. Do not have the idea that I am against prayer. There is something else that I favor over prayer. Before I go into the something else, I want to say three things. I number them, yet not one is first or last. They are all important:

1. I am not in favor of your words of prayer being set apart from everyday life.

2. Prayer is often asking for something, even begging for it.

3. I do not wish to see you or anyone convincing themselves that they are in need, that they are lacking, as if they, unto themselves, are powerless.

What do I prefer to prayer? I prefer blessings, for through blessings, you give, not take, although you do receive. As you bless, your good thoughts help yourself and others along the way of life.

I would like to see every minute of your life a blessing to yourself, to Me, to everyone near in your life and to everyone seemingly afar. I would like to see every minute of your life a blessing to the world and the Universe, to every creature who roams, to everyone who is hungry or not hungry, to everyone hale and hearty and to all those induced with illness or theft. I would love to see your walking through the street as a blessing. Whatever task you are performing, I would like to see you do it as a blessing and bless and bless as if blessing were all up to you and yours to give as if you are the only one who knows to bless.

Do you see Me praying?

I desire that you be a constant blessing to all, yet I know my desires are already fulfilled as I speak them. And so must you. I am a Powerful Being, and so are you. We do not ask for immediate gratification. The meaning of “My Will be done” is that My Will IS done. Contrary to what it seems like in the relative world, all is well. All is already well. Confirm well-being rather than need.

When the Great Ones walked the Earth, and still do walk the Earth, saw the ill or the lame, they did not create an interim. They got right down to it. They healed. They may have asked the ill or the lame, “Do you want to be healed?”

They did not get into prayer mode. They were always in blessing mode. They were in service to Me and to you and all that is.

I am telling you that you are an unexpressed Great One. You are one who has not yet discovered the power of blessing and the knowledge of himself.

Even if you do not believe you have greatness within you, you can still be a blessing. See yourself as a fledgling blessing then and bless, and bless, and bless. You will walk differently. You will walk as one who is a blessing walks. You will walk the way I, God, if I were in a physical body would walk, knowing the importance of everyone.

Bless yourself for being My child. Bless yourself that I chose you to be a blessing on Earth as it is in Heaven. Know that you cannot fail.

Bless yourself for your courage to stand straight in whatever situation you find yourself in and to bless all from the stature of God within you.

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