November 2019 Energies: Arches of Change & Ascension Open WIDE

Illusions Release, Tired Egos Request Retirement, Calls to Oneness Sound, & The Sacred Ray of Source Perfection Activates

A Message from The Arcturian Collective

via channel Marie Mohler
Received 10.19.19

The Arcturian Collective shares another beautiful and timely message about the Energies of November 2019 and beyond that we as individuals and as a global collective are moving through now in our Greater Ascension Process and Journey Back to Wholeness and Integrated Light.

I am continuing to share a short video message from me to you . . . ahead of the transmission now, and I will include the approximate minute mark where you can access the channeled transmission directly if that is your preference too. This is a beautiful inspirational message to us all . . . to continue to clear away our illusions and to rise into the Higher Light of our Unique Soul Song and Musical Resonance to elevate the positive energy in our daily lives and on the planet. Thanks for listening!

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