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God said:

Everything you need to know is right in your heart. I do not speak of train schedules or how much something weighs, although that kind of knowing is also possible. I am talking about Deeper Truth, such as knowing whether someone is in their truth or whether someone is purveying an untrue image, or when you are. You have already had this experience, have you not?

And you have decisions to make. You fret them, and yet, deep within your heart is a clear answer, as clear as a ringing bell. The bell rings for you.

But, in your Humanness, you often trust logic and someone else’s opinion more than the depths of your own beautiful heart. Even when you know that your heart is the key to Mine, often, you still disregard it, as if your heart did not exist or was not worthy of note.

You have a golden door you can go to, but seldom do you choose to go to it. The path to the door gets grown over, and the lock becomes rusty. But the contents beyond that golden door are as fresh and as beautiful as if you used them and adored them every day. Has not the inner chamber of your heart become a secret garden?

Truth is known right in your own heart. Your heart is a font of knowledge, but it has been kept as a sepulcher. The inner awareness of your heart has been dormant long enough. Now it is time for your inner knowledge to get up and come out into the fullness of the day. Your heart longs to revel in itself.

Tap your heart now. Tap it with your fingers lightly. That is like knocking on its door. And then peek in. Take your time. Love your tender heart for its warmth, and love it for its knowingness.

I admit to you that you are not sure what is certain knowledge or what is your inherited or self-made fear. Although a true answer in your heart may be no, the fear that you see churning in your heart is never truth. Fear cannot be the right answer. Fear can only plug the filter of your heart.

Practice now consulting with your heart. Give it a chance to speak. You may not yet understand what it is saying to you, but at least you will be giving it a chance to be heard. You will be coaxing it out from hiding. And what now seems mumbled will get clear, and pretty soon, you will understand the silent and spoken messages of your heart. Your heart is waiting for you to open it and ruffle through its layers.

Let Me remind you that, in the context of relative life, there are many possible routes to take. There may well not be one right answer nor one wrong one. Of course, I use right and wrong loosely, as if they were real and opposite, but I speak to you in your language. In Mine, there are no opposites. Nevertheless, beneath the layers of the relative and all its terminology, deep truth lies. At any time, you have access to the very depth of the ocean, and you can pull up its contents and you can lay them in the sun to dry.

Your heart beats for a reason. It asks to be noticed. The physical beat is one level. The inner throbbing is another. The essence of your heart is Truth, but you always really knew that.

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