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God said:

You are surrounded by beauty, and you too often walk through it without noticing. Today notice. Gasp at the beauty that surrounds you. Light falls on Earth. It glistens the trees. It changes its mind and comes from another angle and sheds its light on the trees differently. The sun leaps onto the horizon of a building and outlines it. The sunlight falls on your hand as well.

Wherever you are right now, you are surrounded by color and sounds of the day or night. How could you have ever thought you were alone in the universe when you have so much accompaniment? The Garden of Eden is lush with greenery, and you live in it. This is Earth you walk on, and this is the world you live in. You are a hop, skip, and jump away from your cognition of Heaven.

I know you think you would have done better in putting the world together. There is much you would eliminate, but you wouldn’t know what you were doing. You would take bugs away perhaps and leave flowers unattended. What would you have added, beloveds? Can you think of anything I have not?

As for you, will you believe that there is a great interdependence in the universe, and that you are an exquisite part of it? You are soul, beloveds. Soul is a song from the heart of Heaven. You, a hearty soul, find yourself walking the terrain of Earth. There is light in your eyes that comes from further than the sun. How did such light get there? What does it mean?

Each person you meet is an exquisite concoction of the Human and the Divine. There is not one Human Being who does not contain exquisiteness. There is courage in being a Human Being on Earth. It takes courage for all, and more from some. You know you are to pass by appearances and see to the soul within. You must, you must.

Beloved, you find yourself aloft on the Earth in a state of amnesia, and you keep trying to find your way out of what you see as a predicament, unpredictable, and unprecedented. Everyone walks the same path, and yet each path is unique. You are without a folding map, yet, beloveds, you have the sun, moon and stars to sail by and a soul of far-reaching dimensions. Everyone needs a word or a hand from you. Together you rise.

Time and space do not really exist, and yet you have a soul of great proportions, and everyone else does too. You are not the only striving precious one in the universe. Everyone marches to the same band. Everyone takes his own steps. And eventually every parade goes around the corner and finds Me waiting and applauding.

I wait for you. I wait amiably, as a patient husband might wait while his wife tries on dresses. It’s not his thing, but he loves his wife, and he will enjoy waiting because her pleasure is also his. He knows his wife will find a dress she is looking for. If not today, another.

So, as you play on the streets of life, I am sitting right beside you, and My eyes light up every time you enter the room. I get up to greet you, although you may not notice. Every time I get up like a fine God, gentleman that I am.

Will you, this day, be receptive to Me as well? Will you get up for Me and meet Me at the corner? And if you will not get up, will you kindly greet Me as I come to you where you are sitting?

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