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God said:

The sun always comes out. After a rainy season, the sun is still here, shining and lighting the Earth. Of course, beyond the rain and clouds, the sun is always shining anyway.

Only in a sense of isolation is there a feeling of desolation. Broken hearts mend. They always do. On Earth, you feel blows. You have been shaken, yet the shaking always stops. During the rainy seasons in life, foliage and fruit and vegetables grow. They don’t mind. They know that the sun will come and bless them and warm them, and so living things look at the sun and don’t berate the sun because it seemingly didn’t shine for a while.

What is your happiness dependent upon? Why are you astonished when it rains? It may seem it is raining endlessly, and yet rains come and rains go, and you dry off.

Believe in Eternity, beloveds, rather than suffering. You may sometimes feel that you were made for suffering. No, beloveds, you were made for joy.

Even when a loved one leaves his body on Earth and his soul rises to what is named Heaven, have happiness in knowing that your loved one spent time with you on Earth. You had good visits. Your hearts were touched, and maybe united. Is that to mourn for? Would you undo the friendship and never have had it? You wouldn’t. I know you wouldn’t. You really wouldn’t miss one experience in life. Even if you could undo it or unwind it, you wouldn’t.

You have the idea of risk. You risked something as you gave your heart, or so you feel. Yet that comes from your misperception of love. Bodies may die, yet love circulates the world and is never-ending, just as life itself is never-ending. Love flows regardless.

Let go of the idea that when you open up your heart, when you open it wide, that you are letting yourself in for what you call loss and heartache. Love is the balm. Heartache is not. Even if you predict the end of love in one fashion or another, you are one who loved. You are one who has the capacity to love. Love, like money, is to be spent. Love is worth a fortune. Love is your fortune. Only you can’t amass it. Love is a living thing and can’t just hang around in a bank. Love has to be used. It has to be taken out of its safe box and spent. This is how love grows. Exercise it, and it becomes stronger and mightier and the more love you have.

Whether your love falls off a cliff is not the issue. Love itself is the issue. Don’t clamp your heart. Keep it open and free, and you will be full of love regardless of what your focus has been or has not been. Love is definitely not to be kept. It has to be free to love regardless of an object you have procured from the garden of love that surrounds you. Think of love like a rose that blooms. Even when a rose fades, you love the roses no less. You do not indict roses for fading. A beautiful rose lingers in your heart. It can stay forever.

There is no need for you to regret where your heart has visited. Be glad for the visit. Your heart is viable, and you are a real live viable human being, heart and soul.

And, when, for whatever reason, an object of your love must leave, you still are love. Your love is primary. Love is from you. Love is the mainstay of your life. Be in love. Love.

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