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God said:

You have too many thoughts, beloveds. They race through your head. They fill your head up. What do you want to fill your head with? Not so much of what’s probably in there now.

Your mind sets a tone. It forecasts. Encourage your mind to forecast good weather.

Your mind has issued many warnings. Sometimes it is a wonder that you can get out of bed in the morning. How can you greet the day when so many of the thoughts you have filled your head with have filled your heart with worry?

Will you call to you the thoughts you relish and drop off the thoughts that keep you bound?

You may well have drawn conclusions. Because of disappointments that took place last year or yesterday, you tend to condemn yourself to more of the same. You say to yourself and perhaps to others: “Look, A, B, and C happened. That’s what happened to me. I don’t want more of that.” And so you live in the past.

Beloved Beloveds, do not doom yourself to unwanted fortune. Do you begin to see how it is important for you to get off the track you have been on?

Perhaps you are looking for work and not finding it. Must you think you are never going to find a job? Must you think that all doors are closed to you? Do you begin to see how you close the doors on yourself?

The way to keep the doors open is to let go of the past. You have to. History does not have to repeat yourself. You notice I said history repeats YOURself. Repeated history comes from repeated thoughts.

There are so many beautiful flowers in the world. For what reason would you focus on the weeds and the trouble they have caused you?

You talk about logic. If your thoughts predict the weather, it’s logical for you to steer your thoughts in the direction you want to go.

Beckon work to you. Do not keep it away with predictions of difficulty.

When the three pigs set out to seek their fortune, they did not drag their feet. They went out with success foremost in mind. And so you, too, beloveds, will do well to step lively. Stop telling yourself the sad stories. Stop looking at figures and assailing yourself with all kinds of reasons why you can’t have what you want. That’s a way to cut yourself off at the pass.

What is so good about pessimism that you would choose it over optimism? Why would you convict yourself and tell yourself there is nothing you can do? There is plenty you can do. For one thing, you can stop telling yourself those dismal stories you have been telling yourself. Sometimes it seems that you have pounced on failure as if it were a prize.

A fisherman goes out to fish early one Saturday morning. What kind of a fisherman would tell himself that he isn’t going to catch anything that day? If he does, he supports the premise he started out with. Well, he didn’t catch anything last week. In fact, he tells himself that no one is catching fish this weekend. It is like he is telling the fish to stay away, and the fish obediently follow his wishes.

For how long would you put up with a friend who was a naysayer? Are you friend or foe? Befriend yourself. Be a good buddy. Encourage yourself. For Heaven’s sakes, stop discouraging yourself.

When the sun sets that day, and you, the fisherman, haven’t caught any fish, tomorrow is another day. Keep your spirits high. You are not a victim. Why would you cast yourself in that role?

Be a fisherman of what you desire. Set off singing a merry tune. Be like a coach who cheers his team on. Tell yourself a story worth listening to.

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