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God said:

Your intellect keeps you back from full enlightenment, and so you are busy with your brain and less attuned to your effulgent heart. You may have heard that you are already fully enlightened, but that is not your experience. In order to experience it, you have to be aware of it. You experience through awareness. I would say that you are aware of too many other things that get in the way of Reality and Self-realization. Knowledge becomes ignorance. The intellect takes twists and turns. A treasure lies buried among debris.

Enlightenment is not something you attain or have to attain. It is not work. Enlightenment attains itself without your interference. Your interference may well have blocked your realization of the light that shines brightly within you. But nothing has blocked your light. Only, you have kept it from your view. The world of blindness thinks it sees.

Static interferes with the sound of your heart. Noise interferes with the smooth flow of Our love. How dare it, but it does. In silence, the light of God within you is stirred. Silence courses through space so that it may rise to your attention. Discard layers of the mind like leaves from a tree, but your heart is a budding rose. You may have been pulling off the petals of the rose of your heart, cluttering your mind and dismissing your heart. This is not the first time you have gotten things backward.

Be with yourself on a sea of love. Walk on the water. Then the simple beating heart becomes the center of the universe. Unseen strings anchor you to the stars and galaxies. The strings connect you to everyone and everything and you see Oneness. The strings don’t matter. Oneness does. You don’t have to see the strings, but you do want to see Oneness. You have to know that you are connected to every beating heart, every sentient being, every inanimate thing, that your heart surges through the universe, capturing every one and every thing and releasing them all at the same time.

Hurray for love! Love is your heart of gold. Why keep a heart taut when its freedom unites you to yourself? Do not be taken aback by your heart. Move forward with it. Accompany it. Let it lead the way. Take your cues from your heart, for it functions through My grace. Adore your heart. Don’t shuffle it away behind the papers of your mind.

What a musical instrument the heart is! It is the violin of the universe. It is the speaker of the universe. It is the exoneration of the universe. Everyone has a heart, and everyone then plays his violin. Even when you are unaware, you play it. It is a good thing that you play, and it is good to know you do. Shh, listen to the music of your heart right now. Lean into it. Sway to it. Dance to it. Sing to it. Stand up on a table and sing to the silence of your heart. Honor it. Claim it. Proclaim it.

Your heart is connected to Mine. I am part of the equation. Indeed, I am the equation, and I am the occasion. Love needs no occasion. It just needs awareness of itself. There are many names for love, but all love is spiritual in that it would unite rather than take apart.

Love is the uniting force. Its power lies in its ease. It does not overtake with force. Love surrenders to love. Love melts love, and no heart is hardened in love. A strong heart is an open heart. Like a store, it is open to everyone. All can come in. Or your heart is like an inn where travelers come to rest.

Steel your heart no longer. Take it out of its wrappings. Uphold your heart. Let it be seen. Lift it so that all the world may see what it is really made of.

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