My Internet Was Offline For About 36 Hours

So here’s the story:

Late on the morning of Wednesday, December 4, while watching a YouTube video, my internet access shut down. No Notice, just down for the whole apartment complex I’m currently living in. Finally, after determining that it was NOT my fault nor was anything wrong on my end, I called and found out I was not alone and ‘the powers that be’ were on the case. So, I waited around and finally, late this evening my internet was back up.

What have I learned from watching this unfold? I’m much more connected than I thought. I still do not like nor watch regular television. And one of my ‘go to’ games does NOT work without internet access but the other one does. And no news, still haven’t look at it. Was peaceful ‘after a fashion’ without it. For in the long run, it really makes no difference at all.

So, my regular line up of posts will be back tomorrow, December 6th, if the Internet gods are on my side.  I may post items that I missed, just saying.

Namaste to all! Denise

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