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God said:

It is important that your heart be eased. It is important that you ease it. Whatever makes your heart tense, know that it is untruth. Tension is dependent upon untruth. The truth is that you are immortal. When you are immortal, what can befall you?

Your body is mortal, but you are not. Only you think you are your body. You mistakenly think that the physical dimension is the extent of you. And that is why you try to hold on to whatever it is you try to hold on to.

Light cannot be held. You can hold a candle, the conveyance of the light, but you cannot hold the light. It is unholdable. At the same time, it is everywhere, and cannot disappear. Just as you can never disappear.

You identify yourself with a name that was given to you. You think you are that name. You think you are the sound of that name in the wind. You think you are the reputation of that name. But then you would serve only public opinion.

And yet you know you serve greater than that.

You serve Me. Your service to the universe is your serving Me. But the world is not your master. You do not bow to the world, or then you would be serving illusion. Illusion is a poor master. It leaves you holding the bag. Illusion always rearranges itself.

With all your heart, you would serve Me if you but knew how.

Your life is that exploration of the how. And the how much.

The what is to serve Me.

The why is to express the truth of yourself to the insatiable world so that all can rise above the imagined boundaries.

The when is now.

The where is where you are.

Serve Me in your awareness.

Expand your vision, and the world will expand with you.

When you limit yourself, you limit the world.

Yours is to open the world to the wonder of itself.

Peel the layers off.

See what is within.

Let the finite know its infinity.

Let My Will be known.

Let My light be shown.

Let My light shine through you.

When you feel discouraged, you have taken your attention off your immortality. You have gotten yourself caught up in the details. The details have become important, and your reason for being has faded.

You have a great mission in the world. You are not here by accident. You are not here on earth just to live off it. You are not here to escape it either. You are here to find yourself again, to reconnect with the Wholeness from which you came. You are here to unburden the world. You are here to lift the cap off it.

How small is your vision when it is centered only on your body-self!

You locate yourself when you stop locating yourself in space and time. You are far more than a pin-point on a map. You are far more than your hand can reach and the eye can see. You are the limitless horizon beyond the line of the earth. And you are more than that.

You are sweep of My hand. You are the echo of My voice curling back to Me. You are the issuance of My breath. And you are My inhalation. You are My every thought. You are My pursuit. I am your reason for being, and you are Mine. We exceed. You are My passage through the world, and your journey is safe because there is nothing to pass through but the light of My love.

The gauntlet is imagined, for all is light and you are the bearer of it. You are My light on earth. So be it.

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