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God said:

It takes no courage to be God. It takes courage to be Human. In Human life, opposites exist. But in Heaven, there are no opposites. There is only love and joy. There is nothing to be in Heaven but love and all that goes with it. Untruth does not exist in Heaven.

Therefore, there is no need for courage in Heaven. There is no fear. There is no fear of singing the wrong note or missing a beat or the boat or falling. There is no up and there is no down, so there is no way to fall and no need for what you call courage.

There is an evenness to Heaven, but it is an evenness that is very high. There is no middle road. Heaven is not a compromise. It is beingness at the heights, and yet there is no ceiling. There is no floor. There are no walls. There is pure being. Heaven is a chorus of angels. No note could be sweeter.

If Heaven is a vibration, then earth is too. If one can vibrate lower, one can vibrate higher. Even on earth, you can vibrate higher. Earth vibrates to your tune. Earth is not to pull you down. You are to pull it up.

Life on earth moves with your eyes. When you look up, the world is up. When you look askance, the world is askance. When you look down, the world is down.

The word “down” has come to mean “depressed”. The cure is to look up. The cure is to see further into the graciousness of life on earth. Graciousness from Heaven has misted onto earth. Look to the Source of life on earth more than the disparate pieces of life on earth.

Looking at life on earth is picking it apart. Looking at Heaven is putting it together. And you are here to put the earth together.

You are searching for wholeness. You really are not searching for the pieces of the puzzle. The pieces are scattered. The pieces without the wholeness they come from lack meaning. You do not need to put the pieces together. You need to keep the picture of the wholeness in mind. The trouble is, when you look at just the pieces, you wonder what they are doing there, and you cannot find their meaning. They make no sense. But when you know they are part of a vast picture, you can relax a little.

There is a place for you on earth. You are there. You belong there. You fit in. You have a purpose. You are not an extra piece. You are integral to the whole design.

Trust is not blind. Trust is far-seeing. Trust sees wholeness. Trust knows. Trust does not have to grope. It needs no bolstering. Trust knows there is a golden link to Heaven. It does not imagine. It does not conjure. It does not talk itself into it. It knows that link to Heaven is stronger than any metal on earth. It is stronger than earth itself.

The link between Heaven and earth does not have to be forged. It already exists. You shimmied down a pole from Heaven. The pole was never pulled away. You can think of it as a telephone pole from earth to Heaven or as a golden chain or as a ray of light that extends from Heaven to earth, and, therefore, also from earth to Heaven. Without Heaven, there would be no earth, and you are fully connected to Heaven.

You came from on high. Lift your wings. Take flight with Me. You will see a different earth. When you alight on earth again, your feet will touch a new earth, all because you flew with Me.

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