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God said:

When you are tired, something is tiring you. And it is usually your thoughts.

What you do does not wear you out. It is your thoughts about it that wear you out. Resistance creates friction. Action does not.

How you begin something is important. In what frame of mind are you? Remind yourself that when you command a certain outcome, you are being controlling. And controlling sets you up to lose, because even if you win, you will feel on edge because you premeditated an outcome.

Of course, you start a race to come in first. But that is different from having to win.

In all interactions, lay your cards on the table. It is that simple. You do not slither and slide. You do not try to make something look other than it is. Be not clever. Cleverness is not of God.

Who can accept accepts. Who cannot accept does not accept. Do not hedge your bets. Really, all your tomfoolery does not make much difference to the outcome, but it makes a big difference in the basis of hearts. Let other people make their own full choices. Let them know what shipment they are getting.

You do not want to pretend that green is blue or blue is green. Let be what is. Give not more nor less than what you convey. Let your words and actions match your thoughts.

Give more credit to others. Give more credit to yourself. Let Me be a silent partner at your table.

Truth is grounding. Wiggling the truth is not grounding. It is misplacing your attention. It is a magician’s trick. It is illusion. The magician diverts his audience and makes them look in the wrong place. Be not a magician. There is no need.

Work true wonders.

Knit with real yarn, not imaginary twine.

Tie solid knots.

Let your words of truth be gems of the Ocean.

Deal in truth, not paste. Deal in truth, not commodity.

Honor your own heart, and you will honor others’, and they will honor you. You do not want false accolades.

Dressing in false colors is not necessary. You do not need a façade.

Predicate yourself on strength.

You have to breathe with your own heart. You cannot assume another’s. You cannot even read another’s heart. You can only read what you imagine, and you pluck your own imagined weakness and place it in the other’s eye. So you attempt to see for others when you must let them see for themselves. You plant false evidence where no evidence is needed. When you try to direct another’s thoughts, you misdirect them, and you have absconded from yourself.

You do not really want your own opinion from another, yet that’s what you seek when you set out to orchestrate an event.

You are not an opinion-monger. You are a freedom-giver. Give others the freedom to say no. It is better to hear no today rather than to put it off until tomorrow. When someone says no to you, they do you great honor. Better a truthful no than a wobbly yes.

When you feel a sense of weakness, know that you have been prevaricating. You have either talked yourself into something, or you have talked yourself out of it. Do neither. Just find the truth and acknowledge it. Truth is truth, but what is true for you may not be true for another. Let them be. They will come to My truth soon enough. All will come to truth in their own time. No one has been out of My truth. You have not. Just for a moment, someone may not be on the right page.

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