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God said:

You don’t like to get out of bed in the morning. The same way, you may say you want to awaken to the full sunshine of consciousness and yet you prefer to pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep in the familiarity of ignorance for just a little while longer. “Just let me sleep a few more minutes,” you say. “I’ll get up later.” And so you defer what is right before you. You were rolling over in bed when night turned into dawn of consciousness and you missed it.

With a snap of your fingers, you can awaken now. You can awaken to a different world, a different world simply because your vision got wider and deeper. A different world will appear before you when you see differently. You are the one who sees what you see. Perhaps you see what you say. You could say it is a magic world you would awaken to. You can awaken to it. It would be a kind of magic for you to see the world differently than you do.

I shall snap My fingers, and you will become more alert. I snap My fingers now. There is light shining around every object and every person you see, but you haven’t seen the light. You are love, beloveds, looking at love. Somehow this has been forgotten. How could love have been forgotten? How could your eyesight have become so blurred?

It is possible to see what you previously have not seen. Some of you may have given up before you started. You forgot deliberately. Some of you have closed your eyes and acted as if you were chasing bubbles, much the same way a greyhound chases a fake rabbit. A greyhound believes, but you pretended.

There is Reality. It does exist, and you can have it. You can more than aspire to it. You can reach it simply through love. Give love for all you are worth, not to feign it, but to remember it, remember who you are and what it is you are on Earth for. Admit, you forget again and again. You think some little thing is important, like that you’re right, or that something belongs to you and not someone else, and all the while, what is important is love. Silently remind yourself that you are on Earth to love. You are not here for anything else. The one subject to learn is to love. You learn it by letting go of what you put in front of it.

Remind yourself daily that you are on Earth to love. Love is not really a commandment. It is a statement of Reality. When you let the false idols go, love remains. The glitter of the world fades, and love takes its rightful place and the world is brighter. You are lighted within, and the world emulates you.

Love was here all along but you may have run into the dark woods to hide from it. You may have been afraid of the bright light of love. You may have conjectured, “How will I be able to sleep in its bright light? It could blind me. It could take the ground out from under me. I wouldn’t be a seeker any longer. Perhaps I am hesitant to become a finder. Maybe looking is better than finding. Maybe desiring to attain is greater than attaining. I have had so much disappointment in life, I don’t want to risk that happening again. Maybe I will just forgo what God says is possible.”

Perhaps you think you know your way around in the dark forest. Perhaps you hesitate to enter the clearing. After all, what can you hide then?

Accept. You cannot hide your light much longer, beloveds, no matter what. Now is time to flip over your loyalties. You have been loyal to ways and means and delays. Perhaps you have preferred them. Now leave them. Now come out into the sunshine. You are ready now.

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