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God said:

When you are grateful to someone, you are trying to bind them to you. Be glad, not grateful. Freedom belongs to all. Know truth. Know from where all love comes. And all you have to do is to return it — somewhere.

All love comes from Me, and it returns to Me. Stopping-places along the way are only stopping-places. Love takes a jaunt around, the love from Me to Me.

Be a knower of love, and not a holder of it.

Let My love within you go everywhere. It will land in many places, and it will reverberate back to you and continue on again to Me. From Me to Me circles love. You are a circler of My love.

My love belongs to everyone. My love is not love to be made a bargain of. My love is not a gambling game. There is always return, but for return there must be release.

When you know that all love is Mine, you can be more generous. It is not personal lives you lead. It is not personal love you give. You lead a cosmic life. My love through you takes you to the cosmos where you expound My energy.

My love is given to you fully, but it is not yours to own. Feed yourself love by giving it away. Otherwise, you squeeze it and shrink it. Free it, and it expands.

My love goes far and wide, and so must yours, that love of Mine which you call yours. Let it land where it lands, but do not hold it there.

You are not a grasper of love. Love alights in your hand, and you free it like a butterfly. You blow it like a dandelion puff. Love has its own movement.

When you do not have to own love, you are free.

Give love to the winds.

Be a spender of love. Expend it. The more you spend of My love, the more there is. The more you hold it to you, the more it withdraws, because love with restrain cannot blossom. Give love freely to the universe for it belongs to all. Every drop of love belongs everywhere. My love is not to be withheld but showered.

You are My aide. You catch My love, and you toss it high, and so it covers the world like ribbons loosely on a package.

There is one commodity, and that is love. It is a commodity like no other. It refurbishes itself. It is not traded but given. It is received but not kept. It is a great balloon that goes up and reaches everywhere.

Love weighs nothing. If it weighs heavily on you, perhaps it is not love. Perhaps it is something else. Perhaps it is attachment or embellishment or some other form of ego.

If you crave love, if you are starving for love, you may not have given enough. Perhaps you have been preoccupied with what is coming to you rather than what you tender.

Your heart is for giving, not taking.

Love is not owed. It cannot be commandeered. It must go its own way.

Give your love the way a farmer sows seed. With an arc of his hand, he tosses the seed to earth and allows it to grow. He is not the grower. He is the disburser. He is not the owner. He is the dispatcher.

And so you are a dispatcher of My love.

Send it to the ends of the earth.

Do not bury it. Do not hoard it in a safe. The heart is not to be locked.

Love finds its own destiny which is to love more always everywhere.

When all else is gone, love remains. When there is nothing else, love reigns.

Accept the nature of love, for it is your own.

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