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God said:

I speak to you from inside your heart. I speak to you from inside your cells. I speak to you from inside, and I speak to you from outside. I speak to you through everyone and everything. And I speak to you through yourself, that which is perceived as yourself, that outer flurry of you. Inevitably, you are hearing yourself.

It is like you play two pianos at once. On one piano, you are all over the place. You dash all over the keyboard and back and forth as fast as you can go. On the other piano, strong music is played. It is so strong it is quiet. There are no extravaganzas played on this piano. You may be so busy playing the dashing piano that you forget about this one.

Or We could say that you turn on a faucet, and you shortsightedly think that it is from the faucet that water comes. You forget about the spring in the mountains that supplies the water to the faucet.

In life, you swim in a swimming pool, and you forget about the Ocean. You may be acting as a little fish that swims in a little pond. You think the little pool you swim in is the whole world. More accurately, you are a big fish in a big pond, but you are a big fish in a big pond who thinks he’s a little fish in a big pond or a big fish in a little pond. Oh, well, the point is that you are far more than you credit yourself with.

You may be sure I am not speaking to your ego, beloveds. I do not recognize ego to speak to. I am not conciliatory with ego. I ask you not to get all puffed up, beloveds, at the same time I ask you to give yourself more credit. Give Me more credit. To be sure, when I created you, I enjoyed Myself. I enjoyed creating. At the same time, I wasn’t playing around. I was creating a Universe. I had a picture in mind. It was a Grand Picture I had, and it was of you as a Knight to the world. I had a picture of you as Myself, perhaps Myself as a child who is growing up to assume his rightful place in the world.

I never pictured you shackling the world to yourself. I saw you expanding the world. I saw you making a place in it for yourself and for others. I saw you widening the horizons. I saw you kissing the stars and bouncing the moon. I saw you entering the inner chambers of the sun and cooling off. I saw you residing in My heart, and I knew you were there. It is not that I have you on a leash in My heart, yet you are never free to leave it. There is no way out of My heart, and everyone is already in.

So it is like there is a huge light in My heart that shines out into the world. You are like stars in the world that reflect My light. Right now you may be a blinking star of My light, and that is wonderful, yet you are growing to be a constant star of My light. No more blinking on and off. Only on. Only lighting the world without pause, without exception, without ever turning off. And how restful that will be for you! No more switcheroos, just you, just I, Being. You are cushioned in My heart, and yet you are flung across the Universe. You are strung across the Universe the way stars are strung in the night sky. My lights are on.

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