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God said:

What shall I bless you with today? What would you like Me to help you with? I am at your side right now, and I am at your service. What else do you think I would be doing? What else do I possibly want but to serve you and serve you well? Keep that idea in your mind. I am Real whatever you may think. Still, your thinking of Me at your side will work wonders. Sense My Presence right now.

I am your Partner on your adventure. Consider that I am not a Partner miles or universes away. I am your Partner in your same office. I am your Partner as you drive to work, and I am your Partner as you drive home, and I am your Partner in all the in between. I am your Partner sitting beside you right now, and I never leave. I am full-time.

I lie beside you at night and wake with you in the morning. I am your Life’s Companion, beloved. I am your Friend Who listens to your breath. I am your Friend.

You may perhaps like to think of Me as a Godfather off somewhere that you call upon in need. Or a Rich Uncle. What do you think of Me as?

Perhaps you think of Me as a Genie who must grant every wish of yours, and you are disappointed in Me. Don’t be disappointed, beloveds. Have bigger dreams. My abilities are great.

I serve, beloveds. I am your Servant, and yet I am not a mere Servant. I am not your Tutor either, and yet you learn from Me. I am not really your Boss either, yet, beloveds, you do strive to heed Me. Perhaps you are My genie. Yes, I think you are very much like My genie. I supply you with My wishes, and you make them come true.

I am not the Nurse by your bedside. I am not a Surgeon. You may have well thought of Me as a Good Guy, and yet you may have thought of Me as a Non-Listener, even as I hear every thought of yours before you know it yourself.

I am the One Who has gone before you, beloveds, and yet I am right beside you. I hold your hand. I help you up the steps of life. My hand is on your elbow. I guide you, and yet I am more than a guide, and I am far more than a granter of wishes.

You might say that I’m a Juggler. I keep so many oranges up in the air all at once. I allow none to fall. You may, on occasion, think you fall, and yet, you who are already in arms, where can you fall to? You cannot fall from My Grace.

Sometimes you feel blows in life. You feel blown by the winds to somewhere you do not want to go. Sometimes you feel blown into a corner where no one really sees you. Sometimes you feel forlorn, and sometimes you feel blessed. Feel blessed now. Know you are blessed. No matter what it may seem to you in the times you call dark, I am still blessing you. You cannot reason this out, beloveds. You can just keep going, and keep going with your eye on Me, for I am right beside you. I never leave.

Would you really wash your hands of Me? Would you ask Me to leave? Would you give Me ultimatums? Would you stamp your foot at Me? Would you dismiss Me from your service?

Life is not perfect in your eyes, and life has been unfair to you and to others around you. You see this from astigmatism. Life in the world is not always on your terms, yet life in the world is not the only thing, beloveds. There is more than you can see. There will come the moment when you do see, and this will be a wonderful moment, this moment when you see.

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