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God said:

Beloveds, do you think I am supposed to agree with you on everything? Where is it written that I, God, am supposed to agree with you at all? I do not ask that you always concur with Me, or that you concur at all! I am not affronted when you do not. Why would you rally in defense of yourself when you do not find My answer pleasing? Do you try to convince me that you are right and I am not?

Of course, from your vision, you are right. You can only call the shots as you see them. You see according to your consciousness, beloveds. And I see according to Mine. Would you really have Me see from your perspective? I see your perspective, but I cannot pretend to adopt it as My own.

This does not mean I discount your feelings. It doesn’t mean I discount you. It means I put the Truth of what I see above sentiment. My kindness does not extend to pretense.

Sometimes life appears harsh. What you wanted did not occur. What you did not want occurred. My words are given to you as blessings, and life the same, whether you see the love and wisdom or not.

You realize you see only perhaps a foot of the tape measure. You do not see all of it. In fact, the tape measure of life is endless. You cannot see the beginning and where it leads. You cannot even see the supposed middle you are in now. That there is no beginning, middle, or end is another tale to tell. The point is you do not see the whole picture. You see what you see. You do not see what you do not see.

Yet sometimes your heart can open wider and your eyes too, and you can see beyond what you saw a moment ago. Until the grand moment when you can see more comprehensively, you are left with trust, trust that you are loved and trust that there is something good going on even when the good is out of your sight and the not so good right in front of you. But what is obvious is not always true. Eye witness accounts are often not creditable.

You may have thought that you were to hold on to life with a tight grip. I tell you that you are to let go. You are to have no grip at all. You contribute to life, but you are not the controller of it. Do not appoint yourself the gatekeeper of life, for then you meddle, and then you resist, and then you make life hard, and your heart bedraggled.

The reason to let go in life is that you cannot hold on anyway. You hold on to nothing. Memories perhaps, but they hold you. They hold you back from life today.

Life is not meant to be a shrine to the past. Better to live in a tent with open flaps than an impenetrable castle. When no one can approach your castle, you may not be able to leave either.

You are not to be loyal to the past. It is past. Let go of it. Love does not bind. You do not own love. Love is not a possession. Love is about letting go, not about holding on, the same way life is about letting go.

You cannot hold a moving stream in your hand. Life is a moving stream. You can cup some water in your hand and drink it. And then you get more. Left idle in your hand for too long, the water will evaporate, and then you hold nothing in your hand.

In your climb in life, you need no railings of the past to hold on to.

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