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God said:

Through God’s grace, you came to Heaven. Through God’s grace, you came to God. You are the issuance of God.

You are the light I beamed across the universe to serve My creation. That which I created furthers My Will by serving the very creation I created. You, the created, serve the created universe. And so you serve your Creator.

I did not create you on My doorstep. You were not an afterthought. You were not an orphan I found left there. You were My divine creation, and I multiplied you out into the universe to carry My emblem. You are the runner who carries My torch.

And you do not run in the dark. You carry the light, so the way is lit. You are the lighter of it in My Name.

You are My moving light. You are the journeyer. But I did not cast you out. I cast you emblazoned across My heart. You burst from My heart of joy. I could not keep you hidden.

Why keep you yourself hidden?

I transported you, and now you transport Me. We are so entwined. Certainly you know I depend on you, and certainly I know you depend on Me. You rally My heart, and I rally yours, and no one knows where you or I begin or end, for We are irrevocably One. And there is no ending. There is no place where I am not.

Love courses between Us, but there is no distance for love to course through. You are My embodiment. We are so connected, it is hard to discern. We have no distance. We are not objective. We are the subject.

You are My portrayer, yet you do not quite grasp that. You have My role to play in life. You fear that is a great assumption, and you fear that you can only posture Me imitatively, and that you cannot really act for Me because you don’t quite believe in Me. You fear you don’t know what and how you are supposed to be. But I know who you are. I know the lengths you go to to avoid your place in the heart of the world.

You did not sneak in. I created you and placed you to continue My joy and create merriment. I sent you to earth as a creator of joy, and that is how you imitate Me. But you are no imitation. Less than joy is a poor attempt at faking.

You don’t have to do anything to be what I created except to loosen your hold on lack. You have everything. You lack nothing. What more could you ask for than to be My child, given to the world for its succor?

Perhaps you think you need a uniform. I gave you a heart instead. I gave you light. Light is the uniform you wear. It cannot be removed, however. You have to accept the fact that you are My light sent to shine on earth.

Who will shine for My glory if not you?

Who will polish the world if you do not?

Who will strike a flag into the earth and claim it in My Name?

Who will carry My refrain?

Who will be do cartwheels of joy on earth for Me?

This is not a serious business to be the carrier of My joy. It is easy. Just spend Me. Spend My love I have given you. Spend it freely. See with My heart of love. You have to do nothing but see, and the world is transformed before your very eyes. You will then see through My eyes, and you will have claimed earth for Me. You are My Will on earth.

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