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God said:

All the events in life have nothing to do with you. All this time you have thought that you were the bouncing ball of events, and now you learn that all the things that happen around you are merely things that happen around you. You can watch the picture show, or you can rush on stage and try to undo or overcome the scenes. You can try to change the roles others play, but you are really the only one you need to settle things with.

Sometimes you have to step out of the arena. Sometimes the activities are not yours to direct. Sometimes you just have to let life play itself out.

There is one lesson in life for you to learn. And you learn it again and again, and that is to allow Me. Allow Me to enter stage right. Allow yourself to exit. Become a bystander and watch. Allowing Me means to stop your supposed control. Relax your hold. Give up your grip. Untense. When you become so involved in life as you have, you forget yourself and you forget Me.

Uninvolved involvement is your course of action. Your approach. Approach life differently. You are not a lion-tamer of life. You are a observant audience of life.

When life becomes urgent for you, when an emergency has been declared, the siren that goes off is the one telling you that you are overinvolved and overcompensating for something you see as lack. You try to rearrange the furniture, and you are giving yourself an unsurmountable task. You can only rearrange it to the end of wanting to rearrange it again. You will never get it right. You don’t know what is right. Consider that the way things are is already right. Then you can stop a moment, and then you can move on in life.

Let the furniture arrange itself.

You have had enough of trying to move hard objects. Stop shoving life this way and that. Allow life to be. It has its own course to follow. You, follow Me.

You are so busy orchestrating life that you forget it’s a play, and that you are not the author of it, and you are not the director, and you are not the play and its drama. You are the audience of it.

Sometimes you watch melodrama. Sometimes you watch documentaries. Sometimes you watch operettas. Sometimes you watch comedy. Sometimes you watch reruns.

Unless you move on in life, you are watching reruns. It may be time to let this scene finish, and then walk out of it. Consider where you put your energy. Consider where and what you invest your energy in.

Some plays are flops. Let them go. Don’t keep the program and keep looking at it. Let go of the sludge. Let go of the past. Greet the new. Have you not had enough of reliving the past over and over again without resolution? Don’t try to resolve it. Don’t try to put on finishing touches. Let it go. Move on.

Start a new life today. You are the starter of it. Pick yourself up from wherever you have fallen, brush off the dirt, and welcome life. Welcome that wonderful diversity called life. Welcome every inch of it. You are not the fighter of it. You are not a gladiator of life, and you are not in the grandstands. You are someone who is moving closer to My heart, and that means to abandon the frays and skirmishes. They are not yours. I am yours.

Will you come with Me now? I pull the curtains aside for you. I make it easy for you to enter Heaven with Me. Come along with Me. You have had enough of going it alone. Now let Me lead you. Come this way, not that way. This way.

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