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God said:

There is One God. I am One. By whatever name I am known, I AM One.

When I am called God of Your Fathers, you are being reminded that I AM the same God that ever was. And, yet, as you may have guessed, in the realm of the Eternal, there is no was. There was no beginning, for I always AM. There never was a time I was not. There is no middle. You must already grasp that there is no end, or Eternity would not be Eternity. Words are words, yet they are the best you have to express that which is. Eternity is. I AM Eternal.

Another way to say this is to say that there is no time. Eternity exists, yet time does not. Forever is not a matter of time. Eternity is firm. Time is not. Time is relative. You have seen it fluctuate. Time is always changing. Eternity is a timeless plain the world plays around in. Eternity is the platform upon which you stand. You might say that Eternity is the gold you bite, and it is never dented because it is Eternity, the real gold, the real thing, even though it is definitely not a thing.

And Eternity is not only your basis, Eternity lives in you. You are reciprocal with Eternity. You cannot be separated from it. It is the Throne you sit on. It is the Carriage you ride in.

Words have been made up to describe the Indescribable. You can point to a table and say, “Table.” And yet you cannot point to Me and say God, and yet you can say God. You can say, “One,” meaning Our shared Oneness, or you can point to a piece of candy, and say, “Just one, please.”

In the beginning was the Word, and yet there was no beginning and there is no Word in any language that can encompass Me, for I am un-encompassable. Inasmuch as I AM One, there is no one to name Me. Why would I call Myself a name when I very well know Who I AM? By whatever name I am known, I answer to it. I answer to it gladly. I hear you.

Call Me, and I come, and yet I am never anywhere else but right with you. I am Eternal, and I am Everywhere. I am a One Kind of God. There is no time, and there is no space, and yet I AM Eternal, and yet I AM Everywhere.

And so here We Are, and what else is there for Us to do but to share in this irrepressible Love that We are. Our love bounces and makes night stars. There is the illusion of the sun’s rising and setting. Without the mirage of time, there would be no setting and, therefore, no need to rise.

And yet, you, My beloved Loves, I ask you to rise when you come into a room. I ask you to rise to greet yourself. Rise to honor yourself. Rise to recognize Who it is that has entered the room. All the while of imagined time, you have not known Who you are, and you have downplayed yourself to an amazing degree.

Now I ask you to get up and give yourself the courtesy to recognize the extent of Me and therefore yourself. You are not limited to that body that carts you around. When there is no time, no space, what limits can there be? You are unlimited now, for We are One, and Oneness loves Oneness including all the mirages it seems to appear in.

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